Feb/March 2016

As the new year continues, we pray that all believers seek to grow in Christ-likeness and embrace a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Father. We further pray that we will all call upon the Holy Spirit to empower us to rise up and face the tide of overwhelming sin that has come upon this world. Praise the Lord for the wonderful relationship we can enjoy with Him.We value and appreciate you so much! We thank you for your support and encourage all of our readers to PLEASE take a subscription out - for yourself, for your family member and even for your boss or colleagues.
- Louie Giglio: The Comeback! (It's not too late)
- The Origin of Common Sayings (Trivia Fun)
- Upholding Religious Freedom in South Africa
- The Transforming Power of Jesus
- 558 Days (in ISIS prison)... A True Story!
- Strengthening the Persecuted Woman
- The Emerging Cashless Society
- Transhumanism
- The Truth About Artificial Intelligence
-The 10 Reformers Who Changed The World
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Zechariah
- The Essential Building Blocsk of a Firm Foundation
- The Way Up Is Down
- Everything in Life Has Potential (Dr Myles Munroe)
- Instinct Plus Purpose Equals DESTINY
- MOM Brings Hope
- The Spiritual Cause Behind Weight Gain
- Journey of Healing (Testimony)
- Why Addiction Does Not Make Sense
- Sleeping Beauty Awakened
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