Unshakable faith & resilience – Ps John & Joy Torrens

In the dynamic landscape of South Africa’s Christian ministry, the remarkable journey of pastors John and Joy Torrens shines as a testament to unwavering faith, resilience, and the power of miracles. In an exclusive interview, these beloved pastors open their hearts to share the extraordinary story of their lives, their ministry, and the profound impact of their mentors.

As influential leaders of Durban Christian Centre (DCC) and stalwarts of the local church community, John and Joy have experienced incredible growth, overcome significant challenges, and witnessed the hand of God in their lives and ministry. Join us as we delve into their inspiring journey, exploring the pressures they faced, the foundations of DCC’s DNA, and the invaluable lessons they have learnt along the way. Prepare to be encouraged and uplifted as we glean wisdom from the lives of these remarkable servants of God…

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