To Vaccinate or Not?

RNA Vaccines: Harnessing God’s design to help prevent sickness, but will the new vaccine technology alter our DNA? There is no question that vaccines have eradicated debilitating and deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio. Improvements and advancements in medical science are a good thing, as they help reverse the effects of the Curse, following Jesus’ example of healing the sick. It is important to understand that vaccines seek to piggyback on our wonderfully designed immune system. The production of antibodies is part of the system, designed by God, that helps our bodies to remember how of fight off infections. Vaccines attempt to train our immune system by giving it ‘target practice’.

Everything that we do know tells us that the new technology should be safe. And that is an important consideration. Even when acting out of an abundance of caution, we have to make final decisions based on positive knowledge, not the fear of potential unknowns. This is something that applies to daily life.

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