The Mystery Of The Trinity

The doctrine of the tri-unity of the Godhead is a mystery! We can create symbols, diagrams, and analogies to try to explain it, but we really do not understand how God can be three, yet one. It is not a revealed doctrine. It is implied in the references to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father as God. Yet, the doctrine of the Trinity is central to how we define orthodox Christianity. 

Genesis 1:26 states, “Let us make man in our image”. The Hebrew word Elohim is a plural name used for God. God is more than one. In the New Testament, the Father is called God, the Son is also called God, and so is the Holy Spirit. Yet the consistent Old Testament declaration is that God is one. So, if God is one, yet the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God, then God must be three-in-one, a trinity. 

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