The most passionate love story ever told

If ever there was a story to transform and energise you – giving you back your long-lost hope, rearranging the interior of your heart and pulling you to your knees in utter awe and amazement – it is undoubtedly the beautiful, breath-taking, ‘too-good-to-be-true’, yet real life story of Easter! 

The wild passion, the powerful love, the tender grace, and the intoxicating joy that this story brings is unmatched by any other narrative! It is an elixir, a balm, a lightning bolt, an invitation, a guarantee, an opportunity, firm ground to stand on, a breath of fresh air, a panacea of note. It is radical forgiveness for the wrong-doer, healing for the infirm, strength for the weak, and wealth for the poor. It is also peace for the anxious, beauty for ashes, wholeness for the broken, and freedom for the slave. It is ancient and historical, timeless and classic, as well as poignantly relevant and modern at heart. It is a tireless, timeless love-story that will simultaneously captivate and emancipate. It is a tale of epic proportion, still reaching the human soul here in the 21st century….

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