The Book of Revelation: Revealed

The book of Revelation is one of the most exciting books in the Bible. It is the only book that guarantees a blessing for those who read it aloud, and also to those who hear and believe what’s written in it (Rev 1:3). Most people think that the book of revelation is complicated, mysterious, and is all about the Antichrist, new world order, mark of the beast, and horrors to come. It has sparked debate among Christians and some believers spend their whole lives studying the mysteries and tribulations that are about to happen. 

Yet, the book of Revelation is not given to focus on the demonic and controversial end of the world, but on the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Rev 1:1). Neither did God complicate nor make this book difficult to understand. It is a very simple book to understand and God wants you to know Him, what is happening now, and what is to come. In this series I will simplify this blessed book of the Bible by making it easy for everyone to understand.

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