Tamryn Klintworth: Africas Brave, Bold Evangelist

Africa will be saved!” This is the heart cry of Tamryn Klintworth, a fiery woman who has been called by God to be a crusade evangelist to the beloved land of Africa. Many outdoor, travel enthusiasts depart on the journey from Cape to Cairo with the bare minimum to trek across the plains of Africa in search of adventure, while blogging along the way to keep a record of their bucket-list journey. But when Tamryn and In His Name Ministries travel, they carry the most valuable tool – the Gospel – and return with not just memories, but souls for Christ. Proclaiming the matchless message of salvation is the focus of Tamryn’s life and ministry.
A life of devotion
This vibrant and enthusiastic woman of God has family roots that are established in Jesus Christ. From a young age she remembers her mother praying while cooking at the stove. 
“At the age of five, I responded to an altar call at children’s church and accepted Jesus as my Saviour. From that day, He began to draw me to Himself with the faithfulness and devotion that is unique to God alone. He positioned Himself as the centre of my world.” 
Breaking the mould
Tamryn’s love for Christ grew from that day and while she knew that God would eventually call her into full-time ministry, she never expected the calling to be that of an evangelist. “I assumed that the Lord could not use me to deliver those trapped in darkness, as I had no experience of not walking in His light. How wrong was I? In my mind, an evangelist was someone whose before-Christ days were brimming with all manner of atrocities. I believed that my good-girl upbringing would not fit the mould.”
Before realising this incredible calling on her life, Tamryn completed school and went on to study a Bachelor of Laws. While studying, she never wavered from her faith and continued to serve in her church and attended courses at Rhema Bible School between her Law classes. Tamryn’s passion for the advancement of the Gospel continued to grow until one event set her on the path to full time evangelism…
The event that changed it all
“I was in the third year of my four year degree, when I happened to attend a crusade of Christ for all Nations (CfaN) with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in Nigeria. My mother had always dreamt of attending a CfaN crusade. She had befriended the Southern African Director of the ministry (a woman who would later become my mother-in-law) who invited her to join a group she was taking to the event. I tagged along.
The first night of the crusade was an emotional experience for me. A crowd of 100 000 people stretched out before us. It was awe-inspiring, overwhelming, an ocean of humanity. I still remember Evangelist Bonnke apologising to the guests for the smallness of the crowd, assuring us that it would still grow. It did grow – to 500 000! The moment he picked up the microphone and kicked-off his Gospel message with a characteristic, “Hallelujah!” I was in tears. I did not stop weeping throughout the service. Something inside of me was connecting with what this man was doing.”
During the week, the Holy Spirit spoke to Tamryn, asking her if the crusade she saw, with its masses, messages and conversions, was what she wanted. At a moment when she was separated from the crowd and hearing the still, gentle voice of God, she whispered a sincere “Yes”. Running with a vision from the Lord
When Tamryn returned home, she gingerly enquired when the Lord expected her to commence ministry, since He had not included within the calling, permission to quit her studies. 
“I must confess, I anticipated a gentle, “Of course, once you have finished that degree of yours. You have a lot on your plate right now, I do not want to put too much pressure on you.” That, however, was not the answer I received! His answer? “Now!” And so, I got going.”
Between classes, Tamryn preached at schools and on weekends. “I registered In His Name Ministries (IHN) and planned a crusade at a nearby campus. I started slowly, but I started. As soon as I finished my studies, I went full-time and never looked back. 
There are so many believers who extinguish their callings by waiting for the perfect moment to get going. I always encourage such people with an important truth: slow-going is better than no-going! If the Lord places something on your heart to accomplish, get going with it, no matter how small the steps you are taking may seem. Unless the Lord has expressly told you to wait, then you had better not. The devil will ensure your ‘perfect moment’ never arrives.”
Invaluable experience
Quite soon after Tamryn began ministering, the South African Director of CfaN invited her to come on board as a full-time employee to assist with a Fire Conference in Cape Town. Tamryn was provided with the opportunity to learn in a hands-on fashion about the running of a crusade evangelistic ministry. “The experience and know-how I gained while with CfaN was invaluable. I discovered how to build a strong ministry structure that could grow and expand without breaking under the pressure. Also, I learnt how to avoid the common pitfalls many young evangelists naively blunder into.”
The perfect match
It was also while working with CfaN that Tamryn met her husband, André, who manages the South African CfaN office. Having grown up in the ministry, André knows crusade evangelism inside-out and his guidance and support is invaluable to Tamryn. “When we met and fell in love, I was not at all interested in the dating scene. I was wholeheartedly committed to the call of God and entirely devoted to that. The Lord was – and still is – the King of my heart, the Captain of my soul. André is my gift from God. I could not do what I do without him.”
Overcoming cultural stereotypes
As a woman in ministry, many might expect that Tamryn would have some resistance when entering into patriarchal contexts within traditional African areas, but the opposite is actually true. “I have been wonderfully accepted across Africa. In fact, the pastors and people consider me to be quite the novelty! I am fondly known as the white woman who preaches like a black man. The Spirit is not limited by gender. I preach with unreserved passion, my motive being nothing but love – and the Lord works through me. This is all that matters to them.” 
The greatest reward
IHN is a small team of only four permanent staff members, currently hosting between five to six crusades a year, each spanning from five to seven days. Tamryn is grateful for those who support them financially and those who consistently cover them in prayer. 
“For me, each crusade is the greatest of highlights. These are what we work for, fight for, battle for, weep for. All the sweat and tears wane away during crusade week. While such is still hard work, the avalanches of salvation, healing and deliverance thrill me to the extent that I am in Heaven on earth. The lost accept the Lord in their thousands, the blind see, lame walk, and deaf hear, night after night, demoniacs come tormented and leave jubilant.” 
Taking care of South Africa
While missioning across borders and inspiring a passion for soul-winning in the hearts of pastors, Tamryn has not neglected her home country. IHN has held numerous crusades in South Africa and the results have been fantastic. The rural areas have been their main focus, as well as township communities. 
“South Africa is – I believe – like all other countries. People are desperately hungry for Jesus even if they do not know it. Preach Him and they will accept Him. Do not preach Him and they will spiral into all manner of calamity. The more we preach Christ Jesus, the better South Africa will become.”
Many believers are concerned about the spiritual climate of South Africa and Tamryn accredits this to the hunger that many have for a genuine move of the Holy Spirit. “Believers are tired of showy worship and performance preaching. They are tired of altar calls for salvation not being made and the sick and those in bondage not being prayed for. They are tired of lukewarm Christianity, one in which God is limited by ego and the desire to control every aspect of a service.”
Crossing oceans
IHN has recently registered the ministry in the United States and are in the final stages of setting up in the United Kingdom. Tamryn explains: “I am hungry to set ablaze not only Africa with a fire and fervour for soul-winning, but the rest of the world as well. It excites me that In His Name will soon have a family of partners stretching across three continents and then beyond. My team and I are also busy producing a television series that will inspire, equip and empower believers to win the lost. The series is based on my newly released book, Spirit of Fire. Such is a read that will thrust you out of your armchair and into the mission field, namely your place of work, study and play. It will teach you how to partner with the Holy Spirit, transforming you from closet Christian into red hot witness.”
Supporting the ministry 
We pray that a phenomenal harvest of souls will be reaped in each and every nation that is visited by Tamryn and her team. May God get all the glory as she ministers to people. If you would like to give financially to the crusades, or to pray, or invite Tamryn as a guest speaker for your conference or outreach, please contact her!  www.inhisname.global 
By Jenna-lea Kelland