Steven Furtick Shares About The Danger Of Isolation

In the Gospel of Mark, we read about the time when Jesus healed a man with leprosy. This man, who is the subject of one of the first miracles recorded, does not even get a name. We are not told his name, but we are told about his condition, leprosy. The account in Mark 1:40-45 shows that sometimes your identity can be consumed by your issues. That is – you can become more known by what is wrong with you than who you have the potential to be. This can happen to the point where you no longer know your own name, you no longer have a real sense of your identity. Often times today, we lose a sense of ourselves because our issues have become so rampant. 

No matter what issues or situations you may be hiding in your life, there is a Name that is greater than your issues and He is not afraid to be identified with you.

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