South African Hollywood Actor / Producer’s Journey Of Faith

Hollywood is known for its lack of morals, its advocacy of debauchery, and its blatant disregard for our Christian faith, and all that we hold dear. Born in Camps Bay, Stelio Savante has a powerful testimony and an outright love for Jesus. He stands out amongst the thorns in a city of sin. He is a multilingual SAG Awards Nominee and American Movie Award winner with over three decades of award winning individual performances in highly acclaimed independent and international theatrically released films.

Q. How does your faith in God impact your life as an actor, husband, and father?
My walk and my relationship with Jesus Christ definitely guides and navigates all three of those (Husband, Father, Actor). I’m exceedingly flawed, which means that I don’t always make the best decisions. But I’ve become much better at it. Being a husband is much more challenging than being an actor. It takes two people who are great forgivers, as Billy Graham said. I’m blessed to have a wife who loves me and accepts me. As a father it means that I have to be the best possible steward of a relationship with the Lord and of salvation. It is a fine line to walk because you go from hero to zero very quickly and you cannot take it personally. As an actor it means that I use discernment, both with my choices and my relationships. I don’t trust as easily as I once did because people are human and they will let you down. It also means that I have great mentors in the form of pastors and prayer partners…

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