Pearl Kupe: Ke Nako South Africa, It Is Time

Ke Nako! It’s time for the Body of Christ in South Africa to rise up. To be seated down and do nothing is not a part of the plan of God. It was the four lepers in the book of 2 Kings 7:3 who were seated doing nothing. This Biblical account of the lepers carries a heavy prophetic symbolism for South Africa and Africa as a whole.

For a long time, the Church and the leadership in South Africa and the continent of Africa have been seated and not fulfilling their God-given mandate. Like the lepers, we have been seated in silence, out of position, and not fulfilling our ordained kingdom mandate. The account of the lepers, however, ends joyfully, with the lepers agreeing to be proactive and to go into the Syrian camp and collect the wealth and resources that are there.

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