New Christian University Launched

New Christian University Launched

Statistics show that 75% of churchgoers stop going to church within four years of studying at university. Fortunately South Africa now has a solution…

Cornerstone is the first Christian university in SA. Tell us more?
Cornerstone Institute is a newly established fully accredited Private Higher Education Institution (university) focusing on leadership development in Africa through a combination of contact and e-learning in a variety of academic disciplines, including social, business and Theological studies on different academic levels. The Institute differentiates itself from other universities by its focus on Christian leadership, ethics and values. Cornerstone is fully accredited and registered with the Department of Education and SAQA as a private higher education institution.

You educate students with a Biblical Worldview. Why this emphasis?
Without a well-defined worldview, nothing has context or purpose and the definitions of right and wrong become vague and obsolete. The true purpose of education is to equip and empower students to think and discover a meaningful worldview that will define their sense of success and failure for the rest of their lives. As Christians we believe a meaningful life is one “worthy of the calling we have received” Eph 4:1.

As an educational institution it is our vision to help our students discover their calling whilst learning important lessons about character, integrity, leadership and morality. By teaching learners from a Biblically-shaped worldview students are educated in thinking and living as responsible citizens in the global community, guided by Christian faith, as dynamic and ethical leaders in their respective fields. Many young students fail to define a fitting worldview during their student years and then lose all sense of direction. They often leave their alma mater confused and in spiritual despair. We pray that Cornerstone will continue to be a facilitator of faith.

You offer on site and e-learning. How does this work?
Cornerstone recruits and enrolls students from all over Africa and provides tuition through a combination of delivery modes. We offer certain programmes as full-time contact programmes only, delivered at the main campus in Cape Town. Some students prefer to study part-time while they pursue their full-time careers and are given the opportunity to do this through e-learning.

What courses do you offer?
Cornerstone currently offers the following accredited programmes: Certificate in Christian Ministry; Certificate in Community Development; Certificate in Community Development; Bachelor of Theology in Community Leadership; Bachelor of Arts Honours (Psychology).
We also offer: Higher Certificate in Business Leadership; Certificate in Community Development, Certificate in Christian Counselling and Higher Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration. A certificate in Media and Communication will also be available next year.

Often Christian endeavours are mediocre. How do you train world class leaders?
We are committed to the development of Christian leadership in society. At the very core of this vision lies the belief that South Africa and Africa needs an institution of higher learning for Christian leaders that will defy the general perception that Christians accept mediocrity. We strive to integrate academic excellence and Christian values in such a way that our qualifications are on par with those of any other university.

Feed-back from employers – government, churches and the business sector – confirms that our students are sought after because of their skills, work ethic and character. The qualifications of our faculty members comply with the stringent requirements of international academic institutions. The establishment of a private Christian university providing leadership education in all academic and professional disciplines is an ambitious, inspirational initiative. It cannot be achieved without the assistance and support of partners who share our vision; thus have formed strategic alliances with several international universities and local partners who bring a wealth of new programmes to Cornerstone.

Does Cornerstone only service young students, or can anyone study with you?
No. We are a tertiary education institution and the profile of our students include students from 18 to 64 years old! We have learners from all ages and regions, including seven African countries. Our programmes vary from Certificate level to post-graduate (Honours degree) level.

How does one register?
The next academic year starts in January 2011. Students who plan to study next year, contact us asap. Call 071 192 9933 or 021 671 3506 or go to our webiste: