All for the glory of God

It seems like yesterday that Christian Family Church was celebrating 30 years of Ministry and now it has reached a new milestone of 35 years.
Drs Theo and Beverley Wolmarans, Founders and Senior Pastors, have dutifully been obedient to the Lord since being called of God to plant a church way back in 1979. They have given their lives to serving God’s people and growing this phenomenal ministry. There have been many obstacles along the way, but together they have faced each and every challenge with faith and in the strength of the Lord. Working side by side through the years has only made them stronger as a couple and as true Ambassadors for Jesus.
In the early days, this then young couple embarked on a journey which, in their wildest dreams, they could never have imagined being so challenging. Moving from the relative peace and calm of Durban, to the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and subsequently on to the city of San Antonio in the state of Texas in obedience to the Lord’s call, theirs has been a journey of much trial and tribulation. But it has also been a journey of love and joy as they have seen God at work in bringing about His vision through their lives. They have been responsible for establishing over 350 churches worldwide, as well as 29 Bible Colleges with more than 3 300 students attending annually and are much sought after speakers.
Their very first church service was held in a small hall in Bedfordview with a congregation of two people. Pastor Theo preached and Ps. Bev led the praise and worship and was the catcher, as Ps Theo prayed for the sick. The growth was phenomenal and in a few short years they had over 8 000 adults and children attending the services. The anointing of God was clearly evident in their lives and drew people from far and wide. In 2007, a beautiful new church was built on Atlas Road, close to the Johannesburg International Airport, complete with a 3 500 seat Auditorium, fully accredited Bible College, beautiful children’s facilities with well-equipped play areas, and an indoor Fellowship Mall with restaurants, bookstore and many other amenities. Today this facility is already too small and plans are underway for an expansion programme.
Young people are encouraged to attend Friday evening meetings dedicated to the Youth where there is good Christian music and lots of fun activities. A special program titled “Synergy” has been developed to encourage and motivate young people into the future that God has for them.
Highly professional musicians and singers lead the Sunday Praise and Worship, creating an atmosphere of love, blessing and freedom in the Lord. SAMA and Crown Gospel award winners, The Plain Truth are the resident evening band. They are truly anointed and have been hailed by many guest speakers from around the world as one of the best they have heard.
Dr. Theo is a strong leader for whom the Word of God is the ultimate authority. Every message he prepares and every decision he makes is based on biblical truths. He is a man who spends much time in prayer, seeking the Lord to ensure he hears the Voice of God and is following what God would have him do.
Under the leadership of Drs Theo and Beverley, Christian Family Church has flourished and is a training ground for many of those either in Ministry or being called into Ministry. The 3 year accredited Bible College has hundreds of students being prepared to take the Word to the world, with all the necessary skills needed to do just that. Dr. Theo does not ordain or send out Pastors without ensuring that they are fully trained according to 2 Tim 2:2 and are proven to adhere to the principles found in 1 Timothy 3:1-6. The Ministry has a statement of faith which clearly outlines the Biblical standards required, not only for the leadership, but also for the members of Christian Family Church worldwide.
Under the leadership of Pastor Bev a Ministry to and for women has been established under the name of Significance. Each year a conference is held where over 1,400 women get together to share a time of upliftment, encouragement and relaxation in an atmosphere of love and unity. A boutique with many beautiful items of clothing, jewellery, bath and body lotions, all specifically designed to give affirmation to ladies as to who they are in Christ, is open at the church premises. Proceeds from the sales of all products are sown into supporting orphans and abused women as this is Ps. Bev’s heart.
The church also operates a Welfare department which looks after over 2,600 people on a monthly basis; providing finances, food, clothing and ministry. Our volunteers go into the highways and byways ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of men, women and children. Added to this, 7 Children’s homes and 5 Homes for the Aged are supported financially every month. The church has purchased 107 acres of land in the Johannesburg area for the purpose of building an Orphanage to house 1,000 children. The desire is to see homeless children grow in the things of God, with the practical skills to help them to become productive members of society and to be role models to the future generations. It will be fully equipped with the best accommodation and facilities to educate and nurture these little ones.
Drs Theo and Beverley travel to Johannesburg on a regular basis to Minister and attend to Church affairs. Pastor Theo still manages CFCI Johannesburg as he always has and is Chairman of the Board, personally directing the growth of the church in obedience to the Lord’s leading. Major new developments are being planned.