By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches and honour and life.

Proverbs 22:4

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Draw close to God

Dear Reader, after a longer absent we are back again to our corner the 'Dominion Circle'.  Today with the help of Holy Spirit we shall consider the above topic.

The Book of James 4:8 speak expressly about our closer to God. "And when you draw close to God, god will draw close to you".  It is an encouragment word that we need to adhere to strictly.  Normally, we always think that it is in time of troubles that we should endeavour

to draw close to God.   But on the contrary. God sent a message to

Asa, all judah and Benjamin (2 Chronicles 15: 2a) not to let down their guards after a great victory.  The charge to draw close to God is applicable and relevant to us today. It will be very grievous if we abandon God, especially in the time of comfort lest satan uses this as an opportunity to lead us astray. Therefore perseverance in  the ways of God is inevitable.

When we followed after God and God is between us and our foes in the days of trouble.  Our God is Jehovah of Host, who can summon unexpectedly reinforcement at any time to the aid of His people.

Along the line, if we began to lose focus, when we allow fear and sin to set in, there are tendency for us to begin to doubt the ability of deliver of power of God.  Failure of our faith will make us to forfeited the all-sufficient help which would have more than availed.

Friends!  Do not be deceived,  God sees the secret includding those ungodly confidants and helps we usually seek after.  Nothing would give Him greater pleasure than to show Himself strong on our behalf.

Therefore, let us renounce all other confidants and helps and make our hearts perfect in simplicity of faith in the Lord.

He is our Refuge and Strength a very present help in time of trouble -Psalm 46:1.  Till next assembly keep fit in the Lord.  Shalom.


- By Emmanuel O. Afolabi.



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