What To Expect From Its Time Prayer Gathering

5 million – that is the number of people expected, in faith, to attend the It’s Time Pretoria prayer gathering on October 27th. At the previous two It’s Time prayer gatherings, in Bloemfontein and in Cape Town, uncle Angus Buchan and his Shalom Ministries team witnessed over 2 million people in attendance. Prayers are going out for the upcoming gathering, which is expected to be the biggest yet.
James 5:16 says that, “The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” After the first It’s Time in Bloemfontein, we saw a new president elected, we saw the Rand strengthened, and we saw the best yield of maize that the farmers in the area had seen in years. At the It’s Time in Cape Town, we specifically prayed for rain. We humbled ourselves and repented, and the rain began to fall as we worshipped. Since then, the Cape has had one of the wettest winters in many years. We know that when God’s people pray, He listens and is faithful.
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The Life And Faith Of Francis Chan

He yearns to preach what the Bible is actually saying, and follows through with practical teachings on how to live authentic Christian lives.

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Rise Of The Drones

We are used to seeing drones traverse the skies. Few people think twice when they see a single drone hovering in the air. Multiple drones moving in tandem and quickly shifting directions might catch our attention for a moment, but we don’t give those much thought either. Maybe we should. In fact, ask yourself this question – what if those drones were armed?
Synchronised drones let us see the future of warfare. Why do I say that? Let me ask you another question. Have you ever seen a large flock of birds flying in unison? They look like a cloud. And the whole flock can shift left, right, up, or down – all in a split second. Despite their quick shifts, these birds act as one. They aren’t disorganised or disjointed. They fly in perfect harmony as if they have a single mind. We observe similar behaviour in schools of fish, bees, locusts, gnats, and all sorts of animals.

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Christianity In The White House

There is an age-old adage that says when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. We have seen both the upside of this, as well as the downside. For the 8 years that President Obama was in power, we saw America normalise and celebrate gay marriage, abortion, and a very strong disdain against Israel, amongst other things. What was previously tolerated, became embraced under Obama’s leadership. The rest of the world was quick to adopt the ever-adapting mindset, promoted under the guise of ‘normalism’.
When Donald Trump joined the running to be the 48th President of the United States, many Christians were unhappy. Trump campaigned to stand for Biblical principles, to promote the Kingship of Jesus, to fight for religious freedom, and to restore the Christian roots of the once great nation. His slogan was to Make America Great Again. Yet many Christians had doubts, judging him by his previous actions and mishaps.
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