Billy Graham Offers His Opinion

5 Common Questions About Heaven:
What happens to us in the first minute after we die? Do we enter Heaven immediately, or do our souls go into some kind of a sleep?
Will we recognise our loved ones in Heaven? Will they recognise us?
When we get to Heaven, will we know what’s happening on earth? If so, how can we be happy with all the misery in the world?
Does an angel accompany us into Heaven when we die? 
Will there be animals in Heaven? 
We all know this life will come to an end. Whether you’re coping with the loss of a loved one or have questions about your own mortality and thereafter, these answers on Heaven from Billy Graham may help.

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Beth Moore Is Preaching Pentecostal Fire

I’ve been in countless Christian meetings over the years, but recently I witnessed one of the most remarkable spiritual moments of my lifetime. I was attending a gathering of Pentecostals held at a convention centre in Orlando, Florida. When the speaker concluded the sermon, people began to stream to the altar. Many of them—including pastors—lay prostrate on the floor. Many were sobbing uncontrollably. Some people wept and prayed for an hour after the meeting was dismissed. You may ask, “What’s so remarkable about that?” 
This meeting was unique because the speaker was a Southern Baptist—and a woman. Yet her message was so convicting and so saturated in the Holy Spirit that people ran to the stage even though she didn’t even invite people to the altar. The woman was author and popular women’s speaker Beth Moore, and the occasion was the 28th General Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Leaders from the Assemblies of God, the Church of God, and Nigeria’s Redeemed Christian Church of God were in attendance, along with thousands of Pentecostals from all over the world.
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The Fake News Epidemic – The Truth Has Perished

We now live in a ‘post-truth’ society. The adjective ‘post-truth’ was Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year for 2016. It relates to ‘circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals’. 
Casper Grathwohl, President of Oxford Dictionaries, said that the term’s rocketing popularity is ‘fuelled by the rise of social media as a news source and a growing distrust of facts offered up by the establishment.’ He suggests that it will become one of the defining words of our time.
As Grathwohl implies, the term ‘post-truth’ is closely connected with the deluge of ‘fake news’ we have experienced. Jonathan Freedland writes, ‘In this era of post-truth politics, an unhesitating liar can be king. The more brazen his dishonesty, the less he minds being caught with his pants on fire, the more he can prosper. And those pedants still hung up on facts and evidence and all that boring stuff are left for dust, their boots barely laced while the lie has spread halfway around the world’. 

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A Miraculous Healing Testimony

Although many Christians experience the most amazing healings, it seems easier for Hindu’s, Muslims, even atheists to get healed. In my monthly miracle crusades, they are often the first to testify on the stage. We also get many miracle reports weekly from them via my various TV programmes. Why is this so? Mature Christians often become sophisticated thinkers, strongly opinionated and indoctrinated by various teachings, yet an unbeliever or baby Christian, with child-like faith, believes God at His Word. 
Suppose I said that we can walk on water because Jesus said so. Some Christians would be angry with me for teaching a “false doctrine”. Others would insist that dispensation is over. Some would comment on how someone attempted it and drowned. Some would declare that they would only do it if God personally told them to, while others would point out how this is a once-off action pointing to a deep Biblical revelation that I am ignorant of, yet a baby Christian would simply believe the word and declare – “Let’s do it”. 
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