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Jesus has called each individual to be a soul-winner. He has also equipped us and given us all the tools we need. You can do it – we’ll show you how…
The International Reinhard Bonnke Training Institute (iRBTI) was founded to help Christians to communicate the Gospel effectively. The experience and expertise acquired by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke over decades of ministry are made available to Christians throughout the world.
Many Christians long to take up Jesus’ call to be fishers of men but things often look very different in the light of everyday reality. Do you feel afraid and ill-equipped to talk to others about your faith? And if you do take that step, are you unsure about what to say or how to lead someone to Christ?
This is an opportunity to learn the basic principles of evangelism and soul-saving from one of today’s best-known evangelists, Reinhard Bonnke. In the past decade alone more than 55 million people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour through his ministry. The iRBTI’s approach is practical and innovative. The one-day workshop will help you to rediscover the joy of evangelism and soul-winning. His experience – from very small beginnings to mass evangelistic campaigns – has been packaged together in the form of a seminar that will help you to discover new dimensions of faith. Some of Reinhard Bonnke’s trusted colleagues – successful evangelists in their own right – have been commissioned to conduct the seminars on his behalf.
Follow your own four-point plan and become a successful

• The basic principles of evangelism and soul-winning
Teaching about the fall of humankind and God’s great
plan – our salvation
• Methods and principles of global evangelism
There are many different global evangelistic methods but
the principles are always found in God’s Word (the Bible)
• God’s Word and the Holy Spirit
Not by might nor by power – the Holy Spirit
and evangelism
• Personal witnessing and evangelistic outreach
Preaching – you can only give what you have!
The one-day seminar lasts from 9am until 5pm and closes with a prayer of blessing and commissioning. The launch seminars will be held in JHB and Cape Town. For details of the venue please see www.irbti.netREGISTRATION choose one of the following:
 online at
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 call us at 0861 232 672
This launch seminar is free to the first 250 registrations. Seminar package includes:
• attendance at the one-day seminar
• the seminar material
• the Full Flame Film Series
• the complete Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire
study manual.

Living out the Lords Love

There are an estimated 34 million people infected with AID’s globally. That’s roughly about the population of a small country, like Iraq or Uganda. South Africa alone is home to 5.6 million men, women, and children infected by HIV, with many of the cases stemming out of poverty.
Shocked by the statistics
It is this reality that rocked mercy-motivated pastor of King of Kings Baptist Church in Fishoek, John Thomas. “In November 1999 I heard a statistic that irrevocably changed my and our church’s life. I was told that 44% of the people in Masiphumelele were HIV positive (the figure was incorrect, but the impact remained). That shook me and I determined before God to do something about the plight of HIV and AIDS suffers in our immediate area.
Trusting God for the impossible
We began with our little faith in our great big God and in the year 2000, we launched and established Living Hope, a ministry to people with HIV and AIDS.
At that time, people with AIDS had little access to anti-retroviral drugs and they died gruesome deaths. Neglected by even their loved ones, we determined to step in and show them how much God loved and cared for them and to seek to point them to Jesus before they died.
Daring to risk for God is a part of my makeup and, with the full support of our church I took a number of what some might describe as “risky” steps as we established Living Hope. I prefer to call them “leaps of faith”. Our church purchased properties with no money and trusted God for the funds and for the abilities which our people did not have at that time. God came through for us fantastically every time.”

Offering living hope to the lost
In 2000, the church launched Living Hope, a ministry providing holistic care for the community (through four subsidiary ministries) – from spreading the Gospel to assisting in the prevention, treatment and support of people suffering with HIV/AIDS and chronic illnesses. They also assist with community development via education, social and health related programmes.
Living Hope has now grown to 180 full time staff serving in seven different geographic regions with a new branch being started in East London as well as opportunities which are being explored in Zimbabwe and Kenya. Over 36 000 visits are done by Living Hope Home Based Carers each year. The ministry has received world -wide recognition for its efforts.
International acclaim

“In 2007, our church was honoured to receive the first Courageous Leadership Award given by the Willow Creek Association and World Vision. I was humbled and surprised at the same time when, Willow Creek Senior Pastor Bill Hybels, in presenting the award described me as “a courageous leader, who is bringing it in the fight against AIDS.” I just felt this was something I had to do and as a church we were simply seeking to carry out our Biblical responsibilities to people in our area. We had no intentions or desires to get recognised.”

John also had the privilege of meeting with then president George Bush, and received funding from his administration. This year, Michael W. Smith hosted a benefit concert for Living Hope ministries.
Showing His love to others
For John, Avril and their team, it is ultimately about extending the love of Christ, and showing people Jesus in action. Upon reflection John says that, “there are two Scriptures about God’s purposes that challenge me and compel me to minister to the poor and the sick. They are Isaiah 58:6-7 and Matthew 25:31.”
“We must do all we can to break the oppression of poverty and, by our actions and preaching, show people how much Jesus loves them and how He can meet their needs.”

In a suffering world, JOY! salutes Christians who are tirelessly serving and loving their fellow man.
“As the Father has loved me, so have I
loved you…
My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

John 15:9,12-13
Living Care serves people with chronic illnesses including HIV/AIDS by offering Palliative Care in its 22 bed facility as well as through Home Based Care in 6 different communities.
Health care centre
The Living Care Health Centre is a place where patients find Christian compassion and care. Anti-Retroviral drugs, nutrition education, chronic illness lifestyle management are all part of our treatment. More than 80% of the 200 in-patients served every year leave our centre physically well and spiritually nourished, able to return home and resume a full and active life. For the other frail 20% the centre becomes a haven where they can pass on peacefully surrounded by love.
Community-based care
The Community Based Care programme provides an outpatient service with more than 36 000 in-home visits annually. Carers nurse the sick, dress wounds, monitor patient health and offer advice on healthier eating and lifestyle changes. They also offer support to the families of patients and give medical and social referrals as required.
Living Grace seeks to transform the shattered lives of the homeless and destitute in the areas as well as reaching out to substance abusers through rehabilitation programmes.
Homeless ministry
The Homeless ministry provides practical help in the form of daily meals, locker storage, shower, laundry and a clothing shop to people. Spiritual help is a significant focus. Clients also receive access to social services, medical care, opportunities for employment and accommodation.
Substance abuse
A major issue in driving poverty and AIDS is Substance Abuse. The Substance Abuse program offers outpatient rehabilitation to clients in all the areas we serve. The programme is based on a “road to recovery” model.
Living Way works to empower people from the under resourced communities in the areas we serve with economic and job skills. This is done by equipping people with the tools to live productive lives, empowering and training business owners to be sustainable and increasing employment through access to training in skills like agriculture, baking and computing.

Support groups
These strategies are based on Biblical principles and ensure that people have meaningful opportunities for income generation while realizing the dignity that God has in mind for every human being.
Living Right seeks to prevent the spread of chronic illnesses including HIV and AIDS using short and long term strategies among the communities in which it works. We do this through reaching out to pregnant moms, parents, primary school children, teens and adults as we do all we can to build an AIDS free generation. Living Right is made up of Support Group Facilitators, Health Counsellors and Life Skills Educators.
Support groups
Support Groups meet weekly in homes and community venues. The Support Groups create community and offer support to people in 3 main areas namely: HIV and AIDS, Chronic Disease Lifestyle and Mother Care. Support is offered by means of the structure of the group and includes Bible study and prayer times. Currently there are 18 Support Group Facilitators and 63 groups.
Health counsellors
Health Counsellors provide HIV testing and counselling as well as educating clients on how to live a healthy sexual lifestyle based on Biblical principles. They encourage everyone to know their status, provide pre- and post-test counselling, and Counsellors also prepare HIV positive clients for a lifelong commitment to ARV treatment.
Life-skills education
“Its better to build a whole child than try to mend a broken man” – Avril Thomas. The Life Skills Educational program reaches thousands of students every year. This is done through after school and holiday clubs for children and teenagers that are held in local crèches, schools and colleges. Here students receive value-based education on sexual abstinence and other lifestyle topics. The program also includes parenting classes extending Living Hope’s influence into the home.
Compiled by Erin Georgiou

The Curse of the Standard Bearer

The burden in my heart has compelled me to seek the Lord in how to minister to the growing number of families who are suffering the devastating effects of what I call ‘The Curse of the Standard Bearers’.

There may be dozens of relationships within your own circle of friends, church or community which are not what they appear. All seems well on the surface, but if you could see what God sees, you would realise these people need your love, encouragement and prayers. Thousands suffer in isolation and fear from ‘The Curse of the Standard Bearers’.
My heart goes out to the sincere, committed parents who are suffering disappointment, discouragement, hurt, alienation and embarrassment from their children for whom they once had great hope.

Hurting one another
Ten years ago they would never have thought their family relationships would be so dysfunctional and hurtful. Additionally, the stress from fear of how to explain it to their friends haunts them. They either are helplessly silent or hardened to the guilt of gossip. Equally, I empathise with the children of these parents, who in their heart of hearts, long to have a deep, meaningful, loving relationship with their parents.
They want to honour, love and gain the approval of their parents perhaps as much as their parents want the best for their children. Like their parents, there’s no righteous way to talk about it to observant friends without sinning (gossip). Only those who have suffered the same dynamics in relationships can completely understand the frustration, bitterness and hurt.
 My prayer is that this article will be used of God to bring light into the darkness and liberation for the glory of God. I’ve picked two testimonies to illustrate the dynamics to which many of you can relate or observe.
Who has control of the keys?
Seven year old Jim, liked to watch and ‘help’ his father as he made chandeliers from old wagon wheels and unusual light fixtures from copper bulbs that float in toilet tanks. While his dad was at work, Jim would use his tools to make his own creations, but wouldn’t put them back in their rightful place many times.
After telling Jim the importance of putting things back, his dad decided to build a small tool chest where he could keep his best tools so Jim couldn’t get to them. As Jim’s dad worked on the chest, Jim watched and helped excitedly. When the lock was being installed, Jim asked, “What’s that?” To which his dad replied, “It is a lock, so that in order to get tools from the chest you have to open it with a key.”
Jim got a strange look on his face, looked up at his father, and asked, “Who will have the key, Dad?”
His dad paused for a moment, considered the pained look on his son’s face, and wisely and lovingly said, “There will be just two keys, Jim. One for you and for me.”

What are you communicating about relationship and love?
Jim’s dad wisely chose to yield his right to control his tools and set aside his standard of order to communicate value and love to his son. The workshop might be messier, but he had the heart and respect of his son – a small price to pay for a rewarding relationship with a special person in his life.
Had Jim’s dad valued the standard of neatness and orderliness above showing his son respect by allowing him control of the key to the chest, he would have ‘cursed’ his relationship with his son.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the wisdom and love of Jim’s dad. Many family members communicate rejection, shame and judgement by controlling all the keys of life for those they say they love and want to bless. Without realising it, in the name of righteousness and love, they place upon them the curse of the Standard Bearers.
Sincere religious people at fault?
Sincere, religious people usually have many standards they consider important to secure significance, praise and reputation before God and man. Everyone has some standards they practise, but the issue in this article is the level of importance and significance people place on them.
Often these people think of themselves as almost perfect or Christ-like in their talk and appearance, being impressed with the way they live for Jesus. But there is a subtle, yet significant, difference between someone living for Jesus and Jesus living in them.

Double standards…
Unfortunately, the emphasis of a Standard Bearer rests on the standards rather than relationship. Standard Bearers have an inconsistent application of God’s character toward His creatures. For instance, when trying to convince a non-standard bearer of his need to change, they communicate that God is very stern. Yet when they deal with their own sin, they apply the view that God is forgiving and gracious. There’s a disconnect between how they think God sees the sins of others versus themselves.
A true image bearer
In contrast, a True Image Bearer focuses on relationship with Jesus and has one aim: to be a conduit of the life and love of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and to lead others to experience the same blessing of such a powerful, love-engulfed, grace-filled relationship. The true image of Jesus wasn’t a life focused on standards, but a life focused on a relationship with His Father in Heaven.
A True Image Bearer doesn’t demand that others live by standards to gain approval, encouragement and affirmation. They’re more interested in the process of relationship with the Holy Spirit for others. People who live closely with a True Image Bearer know that if they were to disappoint them, or have another view, they would still be respected and valued.
Respecting the Holy Spirit
They apply the power of the Cross-work of Jesus to those who haven’t seen the light they have and consider the judgement of others a holy responsibility for Jesus alone. They don’t think the Christian life is ‘living for Jesus’, but instead it is ‘Jesus living in them’ (Gal 2:20). When people are around a True Image Bearer, they usually sense the love and presence of Jesus.
 Often Standard Bearers think they are True Image Bearers because they have good feelings about themselves due to their commitment to standards. However, they are not unlike the Pharisees in Jesus’ day who viewed themselves as the ‘separated ones’. In their zeal to be distinct in a complex, godless Greek culture, they established oral traditions (standards) and considered them not only equal to the written Law, but more important. Their judgement of others and lack of love, forgiveness and grace was condemned by Jesus repeatedly.
A True Image Bearer would not look down his nose at, avoid, or judge, those who don’t hold to his or her standards. Instead, he lives in freedom, prays for and encourages others to desire relationship with Jesus.
Moulding others into your ideal
Let me introduce you to Marty, an individual whose life illustrates the curse of the Standard Bearers. Almost overnight, Marty’s life changed. His parents decided to become associated with other homeschooling families whose goal was to raise children with Godly character. With the new direction for the family came more responsibilities and expectations from his parents. He already felt smothered by their efforts to make him into the type of young person who would give them a good reputation among their peers, but with the change came a tidal wave of standards and goals he felt were impossible to meet.

Resistance and rejection from our loved ones
Marty didn’t make it easy for them. In fact, he questioned them constantly as to why they had to live by all these standards of dress, social etiquette, grooming, facial expressions, entertainment, courtship, attitudes, education and food. His honest questions brought accusations of rebellion and disrespect, which were not his intentions. Eventually, the conflict became so great that in order to protect their reputation, Marty’s parents sent him to live and work with an uncle, hoping God would eventually open his eyes to see the blessing he was rejecting.

What is your motive for keeping the standard?
Marty’s well-meaning parents were Standard Bearers. Without realising it, self-ambition (lust for significance and success) and an idolatrous love of man’s approval gained ascendancy within their hearts. The curse of the Standard Bearers rested upon them and all the relationships for which they felt responsible. Unwittingly, they looked to standard bearing as the solution to parenting Marty and to gaining significance and acceptance for the whole family.
Instead of demonstrating a life lived in a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and leading Marty to do the same, they were caught in the enticing trap of a form of religion. They quickly learned what standards were acceptable and not acceptable among those with whom they wished to connect and then commanded obedience from Marty.

Unloved and unvalued
At age fifteen and living at home, Marty knew he should obey his parents, but they never led him to deal with his heart relationship with God. Consequently, the parent-child relationship was always about responsibility and expectations. It’s no wonder that Marty felt unloved, controlled and unvalued. Living by rules and standards cannot build relationships based on God’s love and grace. A form of outward obedience may occur, but liberty and love that comes from the Holy Spirit’s work internally is overlooked.

We must decrease, so that He may increase – in our lives and in others
Until Marty has a relationship with Jesus, his parents must teach, train and demand honour and obedience (Eph 6:1-4). However, once the Holy Spirit indwells him, Marty should be taught to walk by the Spirit in relationship with the Heavenly Father. As Jesus told His disciples, “Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in Heaven.” Matt 23:9.
As a son starts to walk by the Spirit, an earthly father should encourage his son’s decision-making and guidance to come from a personal relationship with the Heavenly Father, not himself. To the degree that the father makes the decisions and dictates the lifestyle of his believing son, to that degree he hinders his son’s spiritual life. A father’s role should decrease just as John the Baptist’s role decreased when Jesus appeared (John 3:30).

Doesn’t this break your heart?
Many churches and hundreds of families have been destroyed by this curse. It doesn’t have to be this way. Consider the glorious testimony to the grace and glory of the cross for a Standard Bearer to be honest and confess their idolatry and the sins of control, rejection, slander and shame.
It would glorify God, bring healing to the relationship, and teach the rest of the Standard Bearers what standard is really worth bearing: the life and image of Jesus Christ. Forgiving, loving and forbearing with others as we trust God and encourage them to follow the Holy Spirit sets people free to find themselves through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Outward conformity to standards to achieve public praise and approval cannot please God.

Are you more concerned about His image or your own?
I invite you to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what God sees and thinks about how you relate to Him and to others when it comes to standards. Are you more concerned about His image, or yours? 

Beware of Leaders Who Preach a False Gospel

In May 2012, Barack Obama finally came out during an interview and endorsed same-sex marriage. Obama’s unsurprising announcement makes him the first sitting president in US history to publicly support non-traditional, counterfeit marriage. And with that announcement, he took a sledgehammer to civilisation’s most enduring institution of heterosexual marriage. The leader of the free world has also become the world’s most powerful activist for the social legitimisation of sexual perversion and the murder of the preborn.

A convenient reversal…
Obama is the most dangerous political leader on earth because he invokes the Name of Christ to advance his evil agenda. During the ABC interview Obama referred to “Christ’s sacrifice for mankind” to justify his support for same-sex marriage. In a 2008 interview with Rick Warren, then Senator Obama responded to Warren’s question about marriage declaring that “marriage is a union between a man and a woman…it is also a sacred union because God is part of the mix.” But he was running for president then and was addressing an Evangelical Christian audience.
Obama claims his views on same-sex marriage have “evolved.” Most analysts were not surprised by Obama’s about turn on marriage. The timing of Obama’s announcement was also exposed as a political ploy. The White House claimed the US president was forced to clearly define his position on the “civil rights of homosexuals” because vice president, Joe Biden pre-empted him by indicating his support for same-sex marriage in an earlier television interview. However, these claims were debunked when it became clear that Obama’s announcement was carefully calculated for maximum political and financial benefit.

Seeking financial gain
The day after he announced his endorsement for counterfeit marriage, Obama flew to Hollywood to attend a fundraiser, hosted by actor George Clooney. The event, attended by the pro-homosexual Hollywood elite raised a reported $15 million (R120 million) for Obama’s re-election campaign. This event was closely followed by a fundraiser by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) movement in Los Angeles and another by homosexual entertainer Ricky Martin in New York City. Fox News reported the US president’s campaign received millions of dollars in new contributions within hours of his endorsement of same-sex marriage.

A sexually perverted generation
The Obama campaign immediately posted merchandise on its website brandishing the slogans “My two dads support Obama” and “My two moms support Obama” – presumably to cash in on the president’s pro-homosexual position. The liberal media in the US went into overdrive. Robin Roberts, the ABC News reporter who conducted the Obama “coming out” interview, spoke the next day of the “thrills and chills” she experienced when the president endorsed same-sex marriage. In addition, the liberal Washington Post newspaper ran a hatchet front page article the day after the president’s announcement alleging Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney “bullied a homosexual classmate almost 47 years ago.”

Smear campaigns
The article was carefully timed to coincide with Obama’s ostensibly random announcement. The liberal media (who are supposed to be fair and objective in their reporting) are already running smear campaigns against Romney labelling him an “anti-gay homophobe.” Conservative media analysts exposed the mainstream media’s staggering hypocrisy pointing out they completely ignored Barack Obama’s own confessions of alcohol abuse, drug use and the bullying of a female classmate during his college years. Obama’s public endorsement of counterfeit marriage should come as no surprise to Bible believing Christians. Immediately after his inauguration in 2009, the Obama administration changed the White House website and revealed their radical anti-family pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda.

 The media’s messiah
Obama was the first US president to refuse to host the annual National Day of Prayer observance at the White House in May 2009. However, following his snub of the prayer event, Obama invited homosexual activists to the White House and declared June ‘gay pride month’. He also made good on his promise to repeal the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy to provide homosexuals the legal power to disclose their sexual status in the Military and more importantly, penalise anybody who dares to disagree with their lifestyle.
And just in case you are still not convinced that Obama is committed to radically redefining the God-given institution of marriage, his administration wasted no time in announcing the repeal of the Defence of Marriage Act which he thinks is “a bad idea.” Barack Obama, the media created ‘messiah’ swept into office on a wave of ‘hope and change’ hype.

A divisive man
But he has done more to divide Americans along ideological lines than any other US president in history. Newsweek magazine’s cover had an image of Obama with a halo above his head in the rainbow colours of the homosexual movement with the accompanying slogan ‘The first gay president’. The mainstream liberal media is already portraying Obama as a saint for endorsing same-sex ‘marriage.’  Anybody supporting the Biblical definition of marriage is portrayed as “hateful,” “bigoted,” and “homophobic.” The warnings of Scripture come to mind, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness…”  Isaiah 5:20.

Proclaiming unbiblical ideologies
Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous men in the world because he justifies evil while claiming Christ. In fact, he has consistently justified his unbiblical ideology by twisting Scripture. Obama has also made the contradiction of Scripture acceptable and cool. So much so, that an increasing number of pastors still support him in spite of his anti-Christian policies.
Obama is undeniably the most pro-abortion and pro-homosexual president in US history. Sexual perversion and the murder of innocent life are detestable sins in the sight of God. The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments. Yet, millions of Christians still loyally support Obama!

Even pastors are deceived!
The media interviewed Reverend Delman Coates of Mount Ennon Baptist Church in America who indicated his unwavering support for Barack Obama despite his anti-Biblical stance. When questioned about polygamy, Reverend Coates replied, “President Obama [not God] has set the boundaries for marriage.” Another pastor was asked whether he would continue supporting Obama following his endorsement of same-sex ‘marriage.’ The pastor replied “I would have to pray about it.”

Obama is enabled by the Church
The United States once influenced the world with its strong Biblical heritage. The US also sent thousands of missionaries to the most remote parts of the world to spread the Gospel.
Today, because of widespread compromise, Christian leaders have to “pray about” supporting a man that blatantly rejects the authority of Scripture and exalts himself above the God of the Bible. A recent survey revealed that 51% of Americans now support counterfeit marriage and – for the first time in US history – a minority oppose it. Apparently, Scripture has ceased to be the final authority on matters of marriage, family and sexuality. The worldview of most Christians today is informed by the ideology of the media and prevailing political system.
Popular global figures like Obama and Desmond Tutu often overrule the Scriptures with their personal views of morality. As a result, many Christians have rejected the Word of God and have adopted the opinions of sinful and fallible men. Obama could not propagate his counterfeit ‘Christian’ views without the help of the Christian Church. Ultimately, Obama’s unbiblical message has gained traction because it has enjoyed the unequivocal support of the many Christians who consider race, political expediency and media star power more important values than Scriptural authority.
The lesson for the Church in South Africa is how society declines when the Church remains silent and media indoctrination and political affiliation dominate society’s values. For more than 200 years the God-given institutions of marriage and the family contributed significantly to America’s economic and social success. These vital social pillars are now being redefined to legitimise perversion. The US is rushing toward paganism. Only the Church of Jesus Christ can reverse this disturbing trend by calling the nations to repentance and a return to the authority of God’s Word
Author Errol Naidoo is the President of the Family Policy Institute. For info or to support him,  please see

Hostility to Christianity

The secularisation and paganisation of large sections of Europe is tragic. There are surprisingly dynamic pockets of spiritual vitality and life amidst the general atheism and heathenism, but the general picture in Europe is of spiritual decline.

Missionary powerhouse
In 1900, Evangelicals in Europe constituted 45% of the world’s Evangelicals. Now less than 4% of all Evangelicals in the world are in Europe. The 19th Century was the greatest century of missionary advance. It was a century of astounding inventions and of spectacular advances in technology. Many countries in Europe experienced dynamic spiritual revivals. Christian missionaries from Europe won whole tribes and nations to Christ, in the remotest regions of the globe. For over a thousand years, Europe had been Christendom – the heartland and stronghold of Christian civilisation. The 19th Century witnessed such staggering growth in numbers, productivity, power and wealth, that most would have imagined that Europe would have continued to dominate the globe for centuries to come. The optimism which had prevailed in the 19th Century gave way to profound pessimism after the First World War.

Devastation and pessimism
However, World War I shattered Europe. An entire generation of young men died in brutal trench warfare. 1914 marked the end of the greatest century of Christian advance and the beginning of what proved to be the worst century of persecution. The consequences of the First World War continues to have far-reaching repercussions to this present day. Of the 60 million European soldiers who were mobilised from 1914 to 1918, over 9 million were killed, 7 million permanently disabled and 15 million seriously injured.
Retreat from victory
At the first World Missions Conference, in Edinburgh, in 1910, delegates were anticipating the completion of the Great Commission within their generation. No one in 1910 would have anticipated the wholesale abandonment of entire nations to communism, false religion and heathenism. Nor would anyone have predicted that the Church would retreat from victory to such an extent that they would even be questioning the existence of the devil, or hell, or reinterpreting marriage to include what God in the Bible describes as perversion and an abomination.
The cataclysmic conflict of the First World War has to be recognised as one of the most tragic and senseless conflicts in history. Even more devastating than the actual numbers of the people killed, crippled, or seriously injured, was the damage to the spiritual life of Europe. Europe went from being a majority-church-attending population to a continent where most people do not go to any church.
The secularisation of Europe and the moral breakdown coincided with a great resurgence of revolutionary fervour and Marxist communism which filled the vacuum left by the collapse of the Russian Empire and emergence of many new countries in Eastern Europe.
The de-Christianisation and secularisation of Europe was not only unprecedented in its scope and speed, but would have been unthinkable before the First World War. Social Darwinism had become popular amongst most governments in Europe. This thinking emphasised the importance of armed struggle between nations as healthy and necessary for progress and evolution. In the wake of the two World Wars, many came to speak of a post-Christian era. Wars and revolutions through the entire world led to disorder and Christianity was generally marginalised.

Unethical compulsion
Medical staff have been placed under extraordinary pressure to participate in procedures which they are convinced are unethical, such as sterilisations, euthanasia and abortions. Many European Union States do not provide for conscientious objection for medical personnel. Many midwives, doctors, nurses and pharmacists are being placed under unbearable pressure to go against their conscience. In France, pharmacists are being compelled by law, to sell abortion drugs.

Desecration and hatred
Churches and cemeteries in Spain and France have been desecrated and vandalised by Muslim immigrants. In Norway many historic Christian churches have been burned down by arsonists. Black metal fans have declared war on Christianity and a prominent black metal band Burzum, produced an album entitled Aske (Ashes) with a picture of the charred remnants of this famous Viking Church.

Hypocrisy and extremism
One example is how Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik, was instantaneously and falsely labelled a “Christian fundamentalist” by media worldwide. There was absolutely no evidence of this. In fact, his own writings on the web made it clear that he rejected Christianity. Yet anti-Christian prejudices needed a Christian equivalent to Muslim terrorism. All too many jour at the hospital, was dismissed for emailing a prayer which he thought would be inspirational to his colleagues. The offensive prayer was: “Teach us Good Lord to serve as You deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to head the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labour and not to ask for any reward, save that of knowing we do Your Will.”

Double standards
The head of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mark Thompson, admitted that Christianity is treated with far less sensitivity than other religions, because “it is pretty broad-shouldered.” He said that is because other faiths have a very close identity with ethnic minorities and they have to consider the possibilities of “violent threats” instead of polite complaints, which is more common from Christians.
The BBC has also been criticised for its “senseless hypocrisy” in no longer referring to dates by BC (before Christ) or AD (Anno Domini), but to what they call religiously neutral terms of BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era).
Although British Airways allows members of other religions special status for religious garments, such as the Muslim Hijab, the Sikh turban, or Kara bracelet, Christian employees have been forbidden to wear crosses which they claim breach BA’s uniform code.

Anti-Christian Bias
British member of parliament, David Simpson, responded to the frequent claims of secular campaigners that Christianity has been the cause of the world’s worst historical crimes by pointing out that it was, in fact, ideologically atheist regimes that committed the very worst atrocities throughout the 20th Century. He also pointed out that Christians are facing increasing persecution at the hands of aggressive secularism:
“In the United Kingdom, the policy seems to be that people can do whatever they like against Christianity – criticise it or blaspheme the Name of Christ – as long as they do not insult Islam. It is sad because this country is based on civil and religious liberty for all.”
He catalogued numerous cases where British Christians who publicly object to homosexuality, sex education and abortion, or who simply try to share their faith with others, have faced prosecution.

A Deafening Silence
Yet the British government remains mostly silent about the massacres of thousands of Christians at the hands of Muslim militants in Northern Nigeria, in Ethiopia, in Sudan and in Pakistan. Christianity is completely outlawed in many Arab States, including Kuwait, Syria, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The fact is, secular humanism is the most destructive religion of all time and the most intolerant.

Europe for Christ
Europe today must be one of the most spiritually needy continents on earth. The Church is called to be “a house of prayer for all nations.” Are you, your family and your congregation praying regularly for Christians suffering intolerance and discrimination in Europe? Pray that the Lord will thrust out labourers into His harvest field to win this continent back to Christ.
Author Dr. Peter Hammond has been a missionary for over 30 years. He is also a conference speaker and author. Tel: 021 689 4480;