December 2017

It's the most wonderful time of year! As this year comes to an end, we see our towns becoming more and more festive, with the joyous sound of Christmas carols being played in and around town. The whole world is rejoicing for it is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Saviour!

This month we have featured some wonderful articles:

- Kim Clement's Powerful Prophecy­­ Of Donald Trump
- Heidi Baker's Supernatural Encounter With The Holy Spirit Is Changing Nations
- Prayers For Our Government
- What Are You Allowing Your Children To Watch?
- Why Do Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?
- The War On Christmas
- Do Some Christmas Traditions Have Pagan Origins?
- What Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus?
- Should Animals Be Given As Christmas Gifts?
- Leprosy Mission South Africa - A Testimony
- The Harvest Is Plentiful - Planting Churches
- What About People Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?
- Requirements For Biblical Healing - Dr Siva Moodley
- Transforming Communities By Farming God's Way
- From New Age To New Hope - Delivered From Deception
- Banting - A Biblical View On The Diet
- How To Build Your Spouse's Self-Confidence
- 5 Levels Of Communication For Your Marriage
- Practical Tips For Raising Godly Teenagers
- God Doesn't Call The Qualified -A Testimony
- God's Sovereignty And The Black Salary
- Why John 3:16 Is Not Enough - Tendai Chitsike

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November 2017

Wow! November already - This year is flying by! This month we feature the most amazing content that will renew your spirit and refresh your soul. Our writers have writing up a storm to bring you some of the greatest and most relevant content this month. Spoil your friends and family with a copy for only R32.90! 
This month we have featured:
- Beth Moore – Preaching Pentecostal Fire
- Benjamin Dube – Worshipper And Preacher
- Tamryn Klintworth – Africa’s Powerful Evangelist
- Why Worldview Matters – Faith Is At Stake
- Support The Church In The Middle East – Open Doors 
- 5 Common Questions About Heaven
- Samson, The Weak Strong Man
- God Does Not Understand “Incurable” – Dr Siva Moodley
- Incredible Harvest – Help Plant A Church
- Men In The Counselling Ministry
- Questions To Ask Before You Tie The Knot
- Husband, Stop Letting The Devil Accuse Your Wife
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October 2017

Another month, another jam-packed issue! This month we feature some phenomenal Christian leaders from around the world, such as Joyce Meyer, Darlene Zschech, John Gray, John Maxwell, and so many more...  
We have so many powerful articles in this issue of JOY, such as:
- John Gray – I Am A Number 8, Are You?

- Christianity In Schools – The OGOD Judgement
- John Gray - I Am A Number 8, Are You?
- Darlene Zschech – Hope Anchors The Soul
- Joyce Meyer – Tips For A Great Marriage
- The Need For Reformation Today

- This Way To Happiness – Powerful Sermon
- Why Me, God? Advice For Difficult Times 
- Miracle Moments With Dr Siva Moodley
- North Korean Testimony – Open Doors SA
- The World’s Best Kept Radio Secret – TWR
- How Should A Christian Deal With Infertility?
- What Does The Bible Say About In-Vitro fertilisation?
- What Is The Biblical Stance On Artificial Insemination?
- Is Being A Sperm/Egg Donor A Sin?
- I Recovered From Multiple Sclerosis – You Can Too!

- The Age Of The Earth – And Why It Matters

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September 2017

Wow! Can you believe that it is already September? This month we have featured some extremely powerful articles, all JAM-PACKED into our first ever 132 page issue! Spoil your friends and family with a copy for only R32.90! 
This month we have featured:
- Louie Giglio - Goliath Must Fall
- Siva Moodley - Hope And Healing In Christ
- Todd White - Working Wonders Through Faith
- Why Every Christian Should Visit Israel
- The Amazing Camel And Its Creator
- CLF - From Then To Now
- Having Certainty In Uncertain Times - INcontext Ministries
- Bibles 4 Believers - Planting Churches Daily
- Persecution On The Rise In India - Open Doors
- Global Warming - Is It Biblical?
- Population Control Hysteria - Errol Naidoo
- The Bible In A Nutshell - Colossians
- A Tale Of Three Cities - Sermon
- Why David's Worship Moved God's Heart
- What Does The Bible Say About Faith?
- From Tragedy To Triumph - FEBA Radio
- "I Don't Have Enough Talent" - The Sedative Of Excuses Words Of Wisdom From Spiritual Men
- Pulpits 4 Africa
- JOY! Business Advice
- Pearl Kupe - Global Influencer For God
- Dynamic Vision - Making Teams Great Again
- What The Church Gets Wrong About Singleness And Marriage
- A Place of Comfort -Marriage Advice
- Women of Grace
- A Journey To A Calling - Biblical Counselling
- South African Evangelists
- JOY Word Search
- Unity, Not Uniformity -TBN
- The Cost Of Discipleship - The Standard 
- Till Death Do Us Part - Nico Bougas

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August 2017

Wow! Can you believe how times flies? This August we are celebrating women's month! Our August issue features Dr Caroline Leaf, Ntokozo Mbambo, and Angelique du Toit on the cover, and features countless stunning articles within: 
– Devotion – See You In The Morning – Nico Bougas
– A Spirit-Led Movement In South Africa – Prophecy
– Why Did God Allow Sin?
– The African Study Bible
– Undefeated In Christ – Open Doors SA
– The OKAY From God – TWR
– The Terrible Harms of Prostitution – Errol Naidoo
– The False Religion Of Tolerance
– Snubbing God – The High Cost Of Rejecting God’s Order
– The Bible In A Nutshell – Philippians
– The Man Who Walked With God – Sermon
– “But I Don’t Have Enough Money” – The Sedative Of Excuses
– Angelique Du Toit – Standing Tall In A Falling World
– Women Of Grace
– Mrs Tshwane And Her Humble Beginnings
– A Journey Of Love, Loss, And Faith – Testimony
– Is Your Spouse Emotionally Distant?
– Honour In Marriage – Paul Nyamuda
– What Constitutes Marriage In The Bible?
– South African Evangelist Directory
– Bringing The Gospel To The Next Generation
– A Personalised System Of Education
– Help CLF Distribute One Million Bibles
– Dental Pathology – The After Effects Of Tooth Decay
– Biblical Inspired Poetry
– An Enemy Called Average – John Mason
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July 2017 Issue

Our August issue of JOY celebrates a new season, as we embrace change in this nation. This month we celebrate wisdom and mentorship, Find countless articles here that will build into your life as your grow in the Lord.  
Key articles in this issue:

– Jimmy Crompton Feature

– Tshalo Katshunga – From Congo To Cape Town

– In God’s Time – Devotion

– JOY Bible Fun – Word Search

– Humour And Fun Thoughts

– JOY Travel Europe Cruise Feedback

– “Kim’s Story Is Also Our Story” – FEBA

– Traumatised Victims Find Refuge In God – Open Doors

– The Difference Between Religion And The Gospel

– Overcoming Criticism – Nico Bougas

– The Sedative Of Excuses –Daniel Kolenda

– The Bible In A Nutshell – Ephesians

– The African Study Bible

– Wisdom Is The Secret Of Life – Mike Murdock

– How Can I Tap Into The Wisdom Of The Lord?

– God Is Raising Up Modern Day Luthers

– 10 Qualities Of Healthy Mentors 

– JOY Business Advice

– Words Of Wisdom

– South African Evangelist Directory

– Become A Volunteer With Child Evangelism Fellowship

– Help CLF Distribute One Million Bibles

– Women Of Grace

– Competent And Responsible Biblical Counsel

– The Dangers Of Technology In Your Marriage – Gretha Wiid

– How To Communicate Your Needs In Your Marriage

– Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

– The Standard: The Missing Ingredient – Andreas Kyriacou

– The Garden Of Our Hearts

– Interview With Sipho Mseleku

June 2017

There is nothing better than Christian role models living flat out for God - free of controversy and celebrity pride. American actor Tom Selleck is doing just that, and is our cover story this month, perfectly in time for Father's Day! 
- Tom Selleck – Falling In Love With Jesus
- Risking It All To Strengthen Secret Believers – Open Doors
- It’s Time Prayer Meeting Feedback – Hardus Zevenster
- Jesus Will Reign Forever – Errol Naidoo 
- Let My People Think – TWR 
- A Christian Response To Legal Marijuana
- Master The Skill Of Persistence – CFAN
- Darwinism Is An Ideology
- The Case For Christ – New Christian Movie
- Meet The Holy Spirit – John Bevere
- The Bible In A Nutshell – Galatians
- Moving From A Stressful To A Joyful Existence
- Separation And Loneliness – Nico Bougas
- Play The Man – Mark Batterson
- Christian Fathers – What Does The Bible Say?
- How Can I Rebound From Failure? – Rick Warren
- How To Lead A Child To The Lord  
- The Origin Of Tooth Decay

May 2017

With Mother's Day around the corner, this issue of JOY! celebrates many mothers and influential women that have been used by the Lord in astounding ways. With uplifting articles this issue is a great read for all ages! 
- Kari Jobe - Singing From The Soul
- A Million Bibles For A Million Kids
- JOY Bible Fun - Word Search
- Meditation At Morning Tea Time - Ray Alistoun
- JOY Travel Feedback - Egypt & Israel Tour 2016
- The Life And Faith Of Theresa May
- Mothers On The Frontlines - Open Doors
- The First Generation Church In Kyrgystan - FEBA
- South Africa - What's Our Story?
- Seeking God's Will For Our Lives - CFAN
- Evolutionising The Youth
- Are You Rooted In Christ?
- The Bible In A Nutshell - 2 Corinthians
- How To Be Happy
- Business Advice From Christian Leaders
- How To Be A Good Steward Of Your Influence - Rick Warren
- Words Of Wisdom
- SA Evangelist Directory
- A Guide To Evangelising Children
- Women Of Grace
- Marriage Advice - Give Yourself A 48 Hour Break!
- What Does The Bible Say About Marriage?
- Does A Wife Have To Be Submissive?
- Recipe Of The Month
- "It Won't Happen To Me!" - Healing Testimony 
- CBN - On The Air, On The Ground, Online
- Editor's Note
- The Standard - The State Of The Church II
- Let's Pray - Harold F. Weitsz
- Letters To The Editor
- Ask Val
- FBN TV Guide
- Developing The Skill To Live The Blessing
- Music For The Soul -This Month's Hits!
- TBN TV Guide
- Interview With Cynthia Garrett
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April 2017

Easter is a time that we worship and adore Christ for His sacrifice on the Cross - His death that bought us eternal life. It is a time that we commit ourselves to His service, and that we spread the Gospel of Good News. Draw near to the Saviour and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived this Easter...
Buy your JOY! Magazine this Easter and use it as an evangelism tool for reaching others.

Major Change Prophesied Over South Africa
Xenophobia In South Africa
The 10 Worst Countries Of Christian Persecution
How Should Christians View Refugees?
The Bible In A Nutshell – 1 Corinthians II
The Pathway Of Adversity
What Is The Meaning Of Life?
Can I Sin And Convert On My Deathbed?
Are Gospel Crusades Biblical Methods Of Evangelism?
How Can I Become More Motivated For Soul Winning?
Methods Of Child Evangelism
Is Donald Trump A Modern Day Cyrus?
Time Management
Business Advice
Words Of Wisdom
From Drunk To Devoted – A Powerful Testimony
Stay The Path – Bobbie Houston
Women Of Grace
Testimony Of Barbie Erasmus
Water And Fertilise The Right Fruit In Your Marriage
The Five Love Languages
Four Steps To Improve Your Marriage
10 Ways To Get Your Kids To Respect You
Suicide Crisis – Our Youth Are Under Pressure!
Affordable Healthy Living
Preach Christ – John Gray

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Feb/March 2017

As the new year rolls on, we continue to pray four our readers and subscribers. “Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19
We have been given authority by God to face every battle and difficulty that may arise. There is no reason for Christians to feel overwhelmed, weak and defeated by all the trouble and turmoil in the world around us; we need to read the Word of God daily and renew our minds on what the Lord says about every situation (Romans 12:2,3).
The articles in this issue will challenge you to become the salt and light in society and offer hope to the hopeless. The world needs us to stand strong in prayer and be confident in the authority that God has given us.
– Israeli Apartheid Week
– President Donald Trump And Christian America
– Thru The Bible And Around The World
– The Transforming Power Of Practical Faith In East Africa
– The Bible In A Nutshell – 1 Corinthians Part 1
– Once Saved Always Saved?
– Why Does The Bible Warn So Strongly Against Apostasy?
– Can A Christian Lose Salvation?