December 2014

The December issue of JOY! Magazine is full of articles that will really speak into your life and there's something for the whole family. JOY! strives to be relevant to every age group and sector of the Body of Christ and to provide relevant and useful articles, pertinent to the time we are living in.
Is Jesus Coming Back Soon?
Deciphering Endtime Prophetic Codes
Speaking Hope to the World
Christian Lawyers Win Victory Over Porn
What is a Caliphate?
The Bible in a Nutshell: Jeremiah and Lamentations
Faith Expressed Through Design
Let's Forgive and Forget This Christmas
Apostles in the Church Today
The Greatest Untapped Evangelistic Opportunity
My Husband is Emotionally Disengaged
My Journey From Sight to Insight

November 2014

The November issue of JOY! is brim-full with articles and features for equipping, teaching, informing and blessing our readers. This month we include an article about two women who were imprisoned in Iran for their Faith. We also discuss the ongoing issue Israel has with Hamas and look further into the recent animal cruelty reports on local media. Below are other articles we know you will find interesting. Be sure to get your copy today!
• The JOY! Trip to Israel and Jordan
• Hamas vs Israel
• Corruption in Conservation and Cruelty to Animals
• Clash of World Ideas
• The Bible in a Nutshell: Jeremiah and Lamentations
• The Choice Part
• Information Overload: Studying the Bible Just Got Easier
• Why Do People Leave Church
• Role Models for a New Generation
• How to be and Effective team Player
• Should a Christian Consider Alternative Medicine?
• My Recovery From Open-Heart Surgery
• TWR Celebrating 40 Years of Speaking Hope to Africa

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October 2014

The October Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing and blessing our readers. This month we incude an article about Pope Francis and discuss the recent message he delivered to born-again Christians. Readers are given many GAP year options and we talk about education. See the gripping titles below and make sure to get your copy!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Message From Pope Francis To All Born-Again Christians
- Things Children Say
- Anger, Hurt And Pain In The Ukraine
- Kenya: Dying For Christ Whilst The World Celebrates
- What Is Salvation?
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Song Of Solomon
- Jesus Wants Witnesses, Not Just Preachers
- 7 Convincing Warning Signs In Your Spiritual Life
- Are You A Caring Church?
- Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare
- Sexual Atheism
- A Life That Speaks: Christian Lodewyk
- Water For Your Journey
- Orbis: Faith Takes Flight
- The Standard: Be A Doer Of The Word - Ps Andreas Kyriacou
- Enough Is Enough: Nico Bougas
- What To Study?
- South African Music Institute: Live Your Dream
- 13th FLOOR: Where Stories Belong
- Beyond Adventure: A Year Of Living Adventurously
- Metamorpho: Discover Your Personal Significance
- Wortelgat: Find Your Purpose In God
- Treverton G.A.P. Year: A Multifaceted Launch Pad For Life
- Victory Gap Year
- 3D Outreach: Where Will You Leave Your Mark?
- Hatfield Worship Academy and Gap Year
- International Artist Profile: Veritas
- Everybody’s Talking About...
- United In Vision
- 2 To Tangle: Movie review
- Rivers Ministry Section
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God bless!

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September 2014

It seems like yesterday that Christian Family Church was celebrating 30 years of Ministry and now it has reached a new milestone of 35 years. Drs Theo and Beverley Wolmarans, Founders and Senior Pastors, have dutifully been obedient to the Lord since being called of God to plant a church way back in 1979. In this issue, we hear more of their story and how their ministry continues to expand and enlarge its territories, pushing back the darkness and bringing the Good News of the Gospel.

- Born To Win
- Jesus In The Bible
- Pro-Family Victory
- Families In The Persecuted Church: Colombia
- Have You Been Seduced By Sin?
- Why God Gave You The Holy Spirit
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Ecclesiastes
- The Lord’s Relentless Love
- Are You Pursuing Biblical Hospitality?
- Theo and Bev Wolmarans - All For The Glory Of God
- Mighty Men Crusade KZN
- Being A Christian In The Military
- My Womanhood, My Worth
- Bitterness
- 5 Special Blessings About Grandparents
- Care Buddies: Looking After The Elderly
- From Homeless To Hopeful
- Guiding Young Men Through Their Challenges Into Adulthood
- Cracked And Restored
- Great Sleep = Great Brain - Dr Caroline Leaf
- When The Lights Go Out - Nico Bougas
- International Artist Profile: Rhett Walker Band
- Rivers Ministry Section

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August 2014

It's Women's Month and JOY! is celebrating with an issue featuring Jenny-May Hudson. We chat to her about her experiences growing up and how her scars from abuse have served as a reminder of her battle and allowed her to share her testimony and bring the story of hope in Jesus into the lives of others. This issue is full of exciting and challenging articles, testimonies, and stories. Don't miss your copy! 
- Jenny-May Hudson - Set Free From The Shackles Of Abuse
- Freedom Of Religion South Africa
- Is Vladimir Putin A Christian?
- Women In The Persecuted Church - Nigeria
- Different Interpretations Of The Bible
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Psalms Part 2
- The Lukewarm Christian
- Our Daily Bread, Nurturing Time With God
- Labour To Rest In The Finished Work Of Calvary
- When You Lose, Everything Hurts
- F.E.B.A Radio SA, Carrying Life-Changing Messages
- Healing The Hurt
- Are We Called To Care For Everyone All The Time?
- 10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry
- 5 Things Every Single Should Consider
- When Granny Becomes A Substitute Mom
- Keith Strugnell - Walking With God
- By Grace Alone, Offering Believers Freedom And Recovery
- Fear Not - Nico Bougas
- To Dream Or Not To Dream? - Dr Caroline Leaf
- The Final Word - Nurden Cross
 - Everybody’s Talking About...
- International Artist Profile: Rush Of Fools
- Movie Time: Go Tell
- Tio Papi: Movie Review
- Rivers Ministry Section
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July 2014

Do you also feel exasperated with the news headlines and events happening around us? Do you sometimes feel discouraged and shell-shocked at the blatant sin everywhere? Have you ever paused for a moment and thought ‘this can’t be true, it can’t get worse’...and then it does! How far is sin creeping into our homes and our societies?In this issue of JOY! we explore the truth of what it really means to serve a living God that provides us with living hope!
- Johnathan Macris, Missionary To The Greeks
- Noah Webster: Christian, Author, English Scholar
- South Africa, A Nation Divided Along Racial Lines
- Taking Action To Encourage Persecuted Believers
- The Fool Has Said In His Heart: ‘There Is No God’
- Arab And Jew Embrace In Jerusalem
- Marijuana For Medicinal Use, Yes Or No?
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Proverbs Part 1
- Our God Is Jealous
- God Is Still On His Throne
- Today Is The Day
- Is There Demonic Activity In The World Today?
- How To Pray When Under Demonic Attack
- City Mission
- Central South African Leadership Summit 2014
- How Successful People Grow
- One Life To Give - South Africa Needs Nurses
- Into Jesus’ Arms - Testimony Of A Family’s Loss And Faith
- Blessed Are The Stressed And Muffin-Topped
- Adolescents, Belonging And Substance Abuse
- Surprised By The Man On The Borrowed Donkey
- The Football Fans Discipleship Bible
- Embracing God’s Perfect Image - Dr Caroline Leaf
- One Voice Worship Experience
- Little Red Wagon: Movie Review
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June 2014

For Father's Day we have several sizzling topics in the new JOY! on sale now. In this issue, we chat to medical doctor, executive producer, international speaker, businessman and veteran TV personality, Michael Mol about the influence his dad extended in his upbringing, the role Michael undertakes to lead his family and the impact that God the Father has in the couple’s lives.Get your copy NOW and better yet, subscribe to JOY! as a Father's day gift - your dad will be so grateful for his monthly dose of spiritual food.
- Michael Mol : Faithful Father, family Man
- Sir Isaac Newton: Christian, Scientist, Mathematician
- Open Doors: Central African Republic
- Oscar Pistorius - What Is The Christian Response?
- How The Media Is Sexualising Your Child
- The Time To Ask For God’s Mercy
- Men Of Honour: Your Hour Of Destiny
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Psalms
- When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough
- Burial Or Cremation: What Does The Bible Say?
- What Men In The Church Are Looking For...
- Walking With The Architect
- Pastor Tells Of Son’s Miraculous Rescue
- Flying For Life: Growing Young Minds
- 10 Reasons Why We Must Love Unlovable Church Members
- Emotional Eating
- Loneliness - A 21st Century Disease
- Restoration In Remarriage
- ‘You Can Begin Again’ - Joyce Meyer Book Extract
- From Domestic To Academic
- God, Gangs And The Gospel: Testimony Of A Mother
- Unanswered Prayers - Nico Bougas
- Loneliness Taxes Your Immune System - Dr Caroline Leaf
- International Artist Paul Baloche
- Kevin Knott: Live Worship In Switzerland

And many more other interesting news pieces.
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May 2014

This month we celebrate mothers and the vital role they have in our lives. As you read our cover story, we pray you will be deeply touched by the testimony of Katie Davis; her life demonstrates Christ’s compassion in action. This is also our Biblical voting and politics edition - another vital topic that we cannot ignore, especially in these days of unaccountability and lawlessness. Please pray for our country and its leaders.We value your support. Keep praying for the Church.
- Kisses From Katie
- Open Doors: Iraq Special Women’s Focus
- Did You Know? New Legislations In Parliament
- Cruel Tolerance
- Christians And Politics: How Should We Vote?
- How To Pray For Our Leaders
- Consecrated To God
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Job
- A Lifestyle Of Repentance
- Adoption: What Does The Bible Teach?
- Finding Your Way In The Parenting Jungle
- For Richer Or Poorer: Finances In Marriage
- The Confident Mom: Joyce Meyer
- My Pre-Mature Baby Testimony
- Hugs And Hope For Those Who Hurt
- Point Of Grace
- Winners Never Quit - Nico Bougas
- The Gift In You - Dr Caroline Leaf
- Neville D: The Beauty Of Difference
- The Final Word - Nurden Cross
- Everybody’s Talking About...
- Son Of God - Movie Review
- Movie Time : Go Tell
- The Ultimate Life: Movie Review
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April 2014

We at JOY! and JUIG! recognise our mandate to spread the Gospel and promote a Biblical worldview in a society flooded with secular, compromised, unethical and sometimes just plain trashy literature.This Easter we encourage you to open the door of your heart to Jesus. Love those around you by spreading the Gospel and living a life that is holy and pleasing to Him. He overcame sin and death so that we may have eternal life through Him. What an awesome gift to us!
- Open The Door To Jesus
- 9 Reasons Why Mass Evangelism Is Still Relevant Today
- Continuing Education: University Of Pretoria
- World Watch List 2014: Persecution Of Christians Increasing
- World Population
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Esther
- The Significance Of The Resurrection Of Jesus
- Water Into Wine
- Listen To The Word Of God Daily
- The Homosexual Person, The Church And Grace
- Farm Invasion- Zimbabwe, For The Sake Of Christ
- Fergus Buchan: Faith On The Missionfield
- Adultery: From Curse To Blessings
- Far-Away Families, How Do We Cope?
- Dementia - To Hang On Or To Let Go?
- Advocate And Author: Calling The Kings And Priests
- Uncover Your DNA - Harness Your Dynamic Natural Ability
- My Jesus, My Role Model
- Biblical Names And Their Meanings
- Dr Caroline Leaf: Target That Struggle
- Let Go And Let God - Angus Buchan
- Dealing With Discouragement - Nico Bougas
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March 2014

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things.”  Philippians 4:8At JOY! Magazine we are encouraged to meditate on this instruction and make it our priority! Obeying it is essential for successful Christian living and will result in us demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in a lost world. Please pray for us as we follow our (global) call to educate and inform Christians of the Biblical Worldview in these challenging times.
The articles in this issue will challenge you to let go of your sins and your burdens as you strive to become passionate, powerful and effective in your walk with Christ.
- Lisa Bevere: Passionate, Powerful, Prayer Warrior
- BDS Israel - Boycott Divestment Sanctions
- Open Doors: You’re A Follower of Jesus In the Maldives
- God, Gangs And The Gospel: Outreach Report Back
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Nehemiah
- Top 10 Bible Verses
- What Are You Clinging To?
- When Sin Masquerades As Good
- Help For Handling Life’s Irritations
- The Story Of Starr, Our Down Syndrome Daughter
- Pocket Pet
- His Call, My All: A Missionary’s Heartbeat
- I Lost 49kg With God’s Help!
- Enjoy God’s Blessing Of Food And Lose Weight
- Is Online Dating For Christians?
- Blessings On The Wings Of Waiting
- The Standard - Andreas Kyriacou
- Majority Of One - Nico Bougas
- Switch On Your Brain - Dr Caroline Leaf
 - The Final Word: Nurden Cross
- International Artist Profile: Jamie Grace
- The Perfect Wave: Movie Review
- My Hope America: DVD Review
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