December 2010

Believe it or not, our December issue hits the shelves this week. WOW! How the year has flown by. We are so grateful to God for what He has done this year. 2010 has been a challenging but fruitful time. The Lord is faithful and this Christmas-time we celebrate His birth and glory. Even if you don't support Christmas, don't miss out on the opportunity to tell others about Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection. Jesus is the Saviour of the world!
- The Purpose of Christmas
- Jesus, The Greatest Gift of All
- How Do We Know Jesus is The Messiah
- How The Apostles Died
- God Loves You Unconditionally
- Cornerstone Christian Institute Launches
- Blended Families: Parents and Their Step-Children
- Burnout: Tips You Need To Know
- God's Little Miracle
- Chareen Grobeler: My Short Story
- When God Says Step Aside
- The Motivational Gifts
- True Worship Requires Surrender

November 2010

Get your copy of our Novemeber magazine ASAP! We have a free CD inside every copy and this issue is jam-packed with exciting news, interviews and Christian teachings. Beth Moore is our cover story, speaking of her triumph in Christ over insecurity. A must read for all men, women and teens.
- Beth Moore: So Long Insecuirty!
- Virtual Adultery: Protect Yourself!
- Discipline in Step-Families
- What Proof Do You Have that The Bible is The Word of God?
- Christian Apathy
- Info on Cancer Counselling
- Materialism: A Minefield of Temptation
- Inclusivity: Are We Loving People to Death?
- Preaching a Different Gospel?
- Should Christians Donate Their Organs?
- Christian Confession
- Finding a Life of Significance
- Help, I'm Obsessed with My Weight!
- Eating to Combat an Underactive Thyroid
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October 2010

The October Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing and blessing our readers. We have an exclusive interview with Bill Hybels, that is guranteed to interest leaders and pastors. We also feature articles by Tim Keller and John Piper - both of whom are in South Africa this month. See our events page for info!
- Bill Hybels: It May Take a Lifetime
- Judaizers Debate Continued
- Blended Step Families: Stepmother Negativity
- Journey of an Alcoholic
- Skeptics Answered Series: Why is God Hidden?
- Christ's Power Helps Me Overcome Panic Attacks
- Discovered! The Real Mount Sinai
- 8 Tough Questions for John Piper
- Tim Keller: Counterfeit Gods
- Gap Year Options and Christian Education Feature
- Emotional Boundaries
- Faith, Foolishness or Presumption?
- Dying to Self

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September 2010

Spring is almost in the air and with it comes a new season of refreshing, growth, regeneration and joy. Hopefully from reading JOY! each month you will experience the same process: refreshing from the Word, growth from challenging articles, regeneration from Spirit-filled, Bible based teaching and joy from being part of the greater Body of Christ. This month we have exciting articles for you including:

- Darlene Zschech: Bringing God's Hope to Rwanda
- Teen Suicide: Save Their Lives!
- Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress!
- Does Jesus Heal Everyone?
- The Myth of Women's Lib Shattered
- How Do You Know there Is A God?
- Francis Chan teaches on the Fear of the Lord
- Permanent Relevance
- Dealing with Disappointment
- Charles Spurgeon: the Prince of Preachers
- Biblical Faith: Part 4
- Harnessing Technology in the Church
- Loving God, Loving People: Israel Houghton
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August 2010

The World Cup has come and gone, but the spirit of celebration still lingers in SA. In keeping with this, we are profiling Ricardo Kaka, one of the most outspoken Christian sportsmen. He is a wonderful example of integrity, talent and faith-filled obedience to Christ. Read his testimony and story of faith in our August issue ON SALE NOW! You can also win a free copy of his DVD. Simply send your postal details to ARTICLES IN THIS ISSSUE:
- Ricardo Kaka Belongs to Jesus
- Is Reconciliation Possible after an Affair?
- How Can a Loving God send People to Hell?
- Return of the Judaizers?
- The Power of Encouragement
- Bringing up Girls
- Pam Thum & Stephen Marshall: A Couple Born to Win
- Faith Through Fire in Sudan
- Songs of Comfort
- Faith Part 4
- The King and I
- Women in Worship
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July 2010

We are steaming ahead to the end of the year, with 2010 proving to be a year full of excitement, sport and sadly several tragedies. Christians are called to walk by faith and not by sight, so we should not be moved by circumstances. Faith is such a critical factor in walking successfully with the Lord and this month you will find many articles in JOY! to inspire your faith.
- Aren't All Religions the Same?
- The World Cup Final: A Great and Terrible Day
- Media Bias: Evaluating what You Read
- The Road is Narrow
- Is Your Marriage Great or Just Good Enough? Gary & Barb Rosberg
- Liberalism: Air Conditioning Hell
- Conflict in the Workplace
- Marvels of Creation & Science
- The Lost Message of Consecration
- Biblical Faith, Part 2
- Where Have All the Burnt Stones Gone?
- The Thief Comes to Steal and Destroy
- God! Help Us
- Biblical Renaissance: Art From Africa
- Old Age is a Gift
- Imagine Jerusalem: Worship From the Holy Land

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June 2010

We have officially hit the half-way mark for 2010 and what a year it has been so far! With the Soccer World Cup starting this June, the final Mighty Men's Conference and the exciting introduction of Worship Today within the JOY! Family. JUIG!, our Afrikaans sister magazine, has also continued to experience continued success and growth. We are grateful to the Lord for all he has done thus far.This Father's Day, why not bless your dad or grandad with a subscription? JOY! makes a wonderful gift and keeps on giving the whole year!
- Kirk & Chelsea Cameron: Following The Master
- Boycott Naked News Channel
- Skeptics: Why Does A Good God Allow Evil?
- Plastic Surgery, Is It Christian?
- Pastors, Leaders, Elders: Raise The Standard!
- The Importance of Fatherhood: What Every Boy Needs From His Dad
- Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
- What Is Biblical Faith?
- Life Lessons From a Horse Whisperer
- Surviving Schizophrenia
- A Biblical Renaissance: Art From Africa
- Christian Hiking Trails
- 9 Missing Days: A Story of Adoption
- The Role of The Evangelist
- Paul Baloche: On a Christ Following Adventure
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May 2010

May is the month of Mother's and to celebrate the role that women and particularly mom's play, we have compiled a magazine full of wholesome, challenging, inspiring and interesting articles for the whole family. If you are looking for a fantastic gift for your mom or granny, why not give a JOY! Subscription? It is the perfect gift for someone far away, and it's the gift that keeps on giving...because every month they get a reminder of you!
If you subscribe this month you will get a FREE DVD and the May issue which features:
- Kathy Troccoli: Singing For The King
- Getting Back To Classic Christianity
- Why Does God Allow Pain?
- The Work of Angels With Unbelievers
- Moralism Is Not The Gospel
- A Biblical Renaissance in Art
- The Law of God and The Gospel of Christ
- Church! Don't Fornicate With The World
- Living With Multiple Sclerosis
- Defending The Fatherless
- Great Tips For Christian Speakers
- Are Your Guilty of Self-Righteousness?
- A Mother's Hope: Interview With Francine Rivers
- Religion VS Relationship
- Are You Prepared? Ministries Getting Ready for World Cup 2010
- I Have A Dominant Fear...Now What?

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April 2010

Easter is the most holiest event on the Christian Calender, and JOY! is passionate about honouring the Lord Jesus through our cover pics at Easter. This striking picture is a statute of Jesus and sets the tone for an inspiring, challenging and Biblical issue of JOY!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Easter is Not About Bunnies, It's About Jesus
- The Resurrection of Christ
- The Cross
- Deception
- The Work of Angels With Believers
- Michael W. Smith Live in SA!
- The Marriage Covenant
- Psalm 23 for Cancer Sufferers
- Cancer Testimony
- When Is It Okay To Leave a Church?
- Dealing With Trauma
- The Sin of Covetousness
- A Message for The Church
- What To Do If Your Child is Being Bullied

Also, in this issue we are introducing our NEW 16 Page Worship Today Section and including several Today Magazine contributers - as we have taken over that magazine. There will not be a stand alone publication of Today, rather it is included in JOY!
God bless!

February/March 2010

We are well into the year and it seems that most people are excited about what the Lord will do in 2010. That said, Christians all around the world are noticing that the rise of deception, disease, sickness and disaster is growing daily. That is why JOY! Magazine is committed to bringing the uncompromised, life-giving Gospel to all our readers, through relevant, practical and exciting articles.Our Feb/March issue is full of challenging, interesting and thought-provoking stores. Don't miss out - subscribe today for only R 240 and receive a free gift!
- Tammy Trent: Light in My Darkness Testimony
- The Prodigal God: Tim Keller
- Anglican Crisis Worsens
- House Churches: Helpful or Harmful To The Body of Christ?
- Angus Buchan's Final Mighty Men's Conference 2010
- New Hope For Parkinson's Sufferers
- Lessons From Tiger's Transgressions
- Mark Driscoll: Pastor Provocateur in South Africa
- The Ninth Commandment: Do Not Bear False Witness
- Claiming the Truth In a World Of Relativism
- Spiritual Warfare
- God Told Me: Really? RT Kendall
- Hope For the Hurting
- How a 4 Day Bus-ride Changed My Life: Lee Grady
- Why Scripture Commands Us To Sing
- Marriage Maintenence
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