December 2008

December is one of the most holy times on the Christian calender. What a priviledge to serve the living God.
Key articles in this issue:

- One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven
- Seven Steps to Recognising God's Voice
- Are You Having a Midlife Crisis
- The Gift of Goodwill
- Economic Meltdown
- The Authority of the Believer
- Jesus & the Sinner's Prayer
- 5 Fold Ministry (The Teacher): Miki Hardy
- Use Me Lord: Prison Ministry Inspiration
- Conferences with a Difference: Living a Life of Influence


- Die Kloof en Die Bril
- Daar is Hoop in Christus: Die Here Genees My van Veelvuldige 
- Onderhoud met vormalige Springbok rugbyspeler, Andre Venter

November 2008

We always rejoice when we see couples serving the Lord and extending His Kingdom together. This November issue is packed full of interesting stories for the whole family.
- Soulwinning in Irag
- To Judge or Not to Judge?
- Biblical Numerics (the meaning of numbers in the Bible)
- Successful Single Parenting
- The Armour of God
- The Battle for the Mind in the Media
- 5 Fold Ministry (The Evangelist): Miki Hardy
- Playing to an Audience of One: Testimony of Soccer Star, Chris Klein
- The Joy of Marriage: Romance
- Coping with Children in the Holidays
- Sarah Palin & the Deborah Anointing
- Farwell to Nico Bougas
- The Marketing of Evil (p2): The Liberal Agenda
- Compassion Art: Worship with a difference
- Pray for Zion


- Wat Trek Mense na God? Angus Buchan
- Verlustig Jou in Hom?
- Nuwe Harte Leef Nuut

October 2008

Christianity came under serious attack this month when Moreleta Park NG Kerk experienced an onslaught of media attention over what they deemed a controversial decision. Read all about it in the October issue.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- God vs Science
- How to Play Second Fiddle
- Hurt by Fake Fellowship
- Why is there Confusion About Christianity?
- Repent!
- The Names of God
- Help! My Teen Thinks I am the Enemy!
- How to Discern a Move of God
- 5 Fold Ministry (The Prophet): Miki Hardy
- The Mountains of God
- Testimony of Sabiha Izaks: Saved from Suicide
- Your Marriage on Display
- Travelling Evangelism
- The Marketing of Evil


- Om te Emigreer of Nie
- Moelike Tye
- Oorwine Jou Hindernisse: Angus Buchan

September 2008

Spring is in the air, and at JOY! we are encouraging our readers to spring clean their lives. Submit yourself to the Lord, delight in His ways and read His Word diligently. It can only do you good!

- Mercy or Judgement: the Christian Response to Sin
- Teen Depression
- Building Trust in Marriage
- For the Love of My Brother: Kidney Transplant Story
- Gap Year Feature: what you/your child needs to know
- Why Did God Give Us 4 Different Gospels?
- It's All Worship
- 5 Fold Ministry (The Apostle): Miki Hardy
- Why Do People Interpret the Bible From Different Perspectives?
- Abortion: Mother's Anger Turns to Delight
- The Apostle Paul: Mighty Warrior For Christ
- The Hansie Movie: Exclusive Review


- Gaan Maak Dissipels
- Niks is Ontmoontlik vir My God Nie: Onderhoud met Louis Koen
- Volmaak vir Jesus

August 2008

August is Women's Month and we are celebrating Godly women. We interview Kay Warren, an inspirational woman, mother, wife and philanthropist. Don't miss out on your August issue of JOY!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:
- Silent Screams of Divorced Men
- What is Your Worldview?
- Exposed! The Church of Oprah
- 5 Fold Ministry: Miki Hardy
- Expose on The Shack, NY Times Bestseller
- Proverbs 31 Woman Teaching
- Undercover: Why Being in Church is So Important
- Heaven
- Using your Influence for God
- The Heart of an Overcomer: Beverly Wolmarans
- Passion: Louie Giglio
- Mary Pierce: Christ is My Advantage
- Small Man, Big Faith


- Ambassadeurs vir Jesus: Angus Buchan
- Afrikaanse Pers Kritiseer 'Mighty Men'

July 2008

Winter is upon us, so grab a blanket, a cup of coffee and your July issue of JOY! Magazine, filled with all the Christian news, inspiring stories and Biblical teaching information you could want!

- John & Stasi Eldredge: Authors of Wild at Heart
- What is the Emerging Church?
- Honest Questions About the Lakeland Reviva: J. Lee Grady
- Evolutionary Racism
- Marriage Checkup: How Healthy is Your Relationship?
- Hillsong Comes to SA
- China & the Christian Evangelism Intiative
- What My Miscarriage Taught Me
- Growing Disciples & Directors
- Communication in Marriage: Costa Mitchell
- Whatever Happened to the Prayer Meeting?
- Blessed to Be a Blessing
- Why So Many Different Perspectives on the Bible?
- Not Enough Hours in The Day
- Knysna's Shame: Debauched Gay Festival

June 2008

We just love it when you see Christian role models living flat out for God - free of controversy and celebrity pride. Golfer Bernhard Langer is our cover story this month (in time for Father's Day) and is one such role model.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Bless Your Enemies
- The Biblical Solution to Crime
- The Great Commission Was Not a Request for Volunteers
- The Secret Things of God
- No More Office Nightmares!
- Christ-o-phobia on Radio
- My Father's Love
- Godly Guidelines to Parenting
- Anorexia testimony
- Golf Testimonies
- Fergus Buchan: Mighty Minister for God


- Beweeg in Die Allerheiligste
- Intimiteit in Jou Huwelik

May 2008

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is possibly the greatest evangelist of modern times. He is such an anointed, holy, passionate man of God, and for our Pentecost issue we thought it was only fitting to speak to him.KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Reinhard Bonnke: The Holy Spirit's Agenda
- How to Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
- The Anointing, Who Needs It?
- Divorce: is There a Christian Alternative?
- I survived a brain aneurysm (testimony)
- The Value of a Bibical Mother
- China closes door on Christians ahead of Olympics
- The Ugly Sin of Domestic Violence
- Race, Religion & the Roots of Obama's Faith
- Do Not Judge or Your Will Be Judged!
- Too Busy For Love?
- What are They Teaching Your Children? Education Crisis!
- New Beginnings: Angus Buchan
- My Special Dwarf Baby
- Play Therapy for Traumatised Children
- History of the AFM/AGS Church in SA: 100 Year Centenary
- Worshipping God Face to Face

- Is Die Kerk Tans Laagwater?
- Vergiffenis: Richard Blackaby
- Ware Dissipel van Jesus

April 2008

In this issue of JOY! we explore the truth of what Good friday really means. Celebrate Easter with us as we remember the death and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior!KEY ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE:

- Turn Good Friday into God Friday
- ANC Pledge: Why Christians should be Concerned
- Caught out! - My Internet Pornography Addiction
- Married but not Engaged
- The Legendary Skonk Nicholson
- World Vision: Changing Children’s lives
- The Collapse of our Culture  and the Tragedy of Heath Ledger
- Project Pearl: a Remarkable Mission
- Passover, Good Friday and Communion: Chris Peppler

- Briewe aan die Redekteur
- Hartoorplanting on 18!
- Lize Engelbrecht: Deel God se Liefde Uit
- Radiogolwe met Hardus Zevenster: Beter om te gee as om to Ontvang

March 2008

We are well into the year and it seems that most people are excited about what the Lord will do in 2008. That is why JOY! Magazine is committed to bringing the uncompromised, life-giving Gospel to all our readers, through relevant, practical and exciting articles.Our Feb/March issue is full of challenging, interesting and thought-provoking stores. Don't miss out!
- Darwin's Deadly Legacy Debate Continues
- Glen and Michelle Robertson, Pastoring and all that Jazz
- Dr. Tertius and Trudy Venter Aboad the Anastasis Mercy Ship
- Should Christian's Retire?
- A Vision for All - Bill Hybels
- Disturbing Mobile Church Trends
- 12 Marriage Killers
- Seeing God through Optometry
- Disturbing Trend, The Mobile Church Culture
- Prosperity in Christ
- Briewe aan die Redekteur
- Het ons nog Respek vir God en sy Woord?
- 'n Ware Aanbidder
- My Roomys - pienk roos, Jy is baie Spesiaal: Ymile Kennedy
- Radio Golwe met Hardus Zevenster: Monument tot eer van God
And much more! Get your copy today, available in stores countrywide.