December Issue On Sale Now!

In this month's issue of JOY! Magazine, we unwrap the profound meaning behind the season of Christmas with our cover story, "Christmas: The Gift of Peace." In a world wearied by unrest and uncertainty, the article explores the enduring peace offered by the Prince of Peace, unlocking doors to forgiveness, generosity, obedience, and love.

The pages in this issue are filled with diverse insights, including a reflection on the faith lessons learnt from our inspirational rugby team, the Springboks, who encourage Christians to embrace an unashamed stance for Christ. The article "The Prayer Womb" challenges readers to view the world's challenges as opportunities for prayer, emphasising the transformative power of intercession.

"Unveiling the Signs: Are We Witnessing the Return of Jesus?" takes a deep dive into the biblical predictions of the end times, connecting current global events to the prophetic words of scripture. This feature invites readers to reflect on the conditions preceding Christ's return.

Our December edition is not only a guide to navigating the spiritual depth of Christmas but also a source of inspiration for authentic Christian living. This issue is jam-packed with beautiful testimonies, articles, interviews, competitions, features, and more! Dive into this festive issue, available now at leading supermarkets nationwide, and discover the profound messages woven into the fabric of this joyous season.