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Matthew 25:21

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ISIS Palestine group is threatening Christians in Jerusalem

29 Jun 2015

A group named “Islamic State in Palestine” were distributing leaflets in Jerusalem on Thursday, threatening Christians to leave the city or otherwise they will be killed. Unfortunately, the international media have been silent once again, but this is yet another example of the continuous bullying and harassment of the Christian community in Israel by those who embrace this ideology.

As Father Gabriel always says, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that Christians are not persecuted and the community have every confidence that the state of Israel will protect them, as they have always done. But, we hope that the world will take notice. The content of the leaflet is disturbing. It is referring to "resistance and jihad against Israel until Jerusalem is fallen". This is something that a lot of religious Islamists and liberal pro-Palestine activists have embraced as their goal. And we are yet to see ANY international condemnation for those who freely advertise this as their aim.

You can read the translation from the Arabic text below, but please help us reach more people by SHARING this post today. Thank you.

TRANSLATION OF TEXT: “Our people Muslims, we salute your resistance and your Jihad and we ask you to report on the locations for Christians living among you and who are working clients for the Zionists and the West and their traitorous associations that work to spread debauchery and secularism and keep Muslims away from their religion.
“Islamic state know where they live. Most of these Christians have been spotted but not all of them.
“Strike forces, swords and arms group will work to cleanse the Islamic neighborhoods of these Christians during the holy month of Ramadan, so when Eid al-Fitr (Editorial note: The day marking the break of feast and end of Ramadan month) comes they will become completely clean."
“We will begin with neighborhoods of Beit Hanina, then Shu’fat, then move to the rest of the neighborhoods in order to get to the Old City and Resurrection Church to purify it from who betrayed the age era and tell the Christian heathens you must leave immediately or you will get murdered like sheep with the pre-eminence of Eid -el Fitr. One month is more than enough to leave.”
— with Agnes Hilario.



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